Could You Be A Natural Medium?

Natural mediums are those who have innate abilities to sense or communicate with the dead, without having had any training. In essence, these people are ‘rough diamonds’, possessing all the necessary abilities, but perhaps without the knowledge to control them or protect themselves. What are the signs of natural mediumship and how can you learn to keep yourself safe from psychic attack?


Many people find that they have abilities, without meaning to. Some report that they sense people around them, even when there are none, or report feelings of being watched in rooms that are apparently empty. Others may have found themselves involved in activities, such as Ouija boards, and experienced strong feelings or the phenomena that the session will not work unless they are taking place. All these are signs that you may have the ability to sense and see things beyond the usual spheres.

If you feel that you have these abilities, you may want to consult a recognised clairvoyant to learn how to better control your abilities. Having these abilities can be a curse if you do not have the power to ‘switch them off’ when you need to. In addition, you must be wary of attracting negative energy. Negative energies can serve as a magnet for darker manifestations, so ensure that you take steps to maintain your psychic health and a positive outlook; like attracts like and generating positive energies can only serve to help you attract manifestations that are benign.

Protect Yourself

Some of the best ways to protect against psychic attacks are based around meditation. By entering a relaxed state and committing to regular, positive visualisations, you can tube your psyche into rejecting negative forces and solely allowing positive messages to be communicated through your subconscious.

Being a medium, whether you want to be or not, can be a difficult thing to embrace. However, by consulting someone who already has those abilities, you can learn what to be wary of and safeguard yourself against the negative aspects that your gift can attract. Being a medium can be a rewarding and exciting path to tread, as long as you take the time to become as informed as possible.


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