Could 8th August Be Your Lucky Day?

Planning an important event or significant life change? If you want to give it a lucky helping hand, consider scheduling it for 8th August 2008.

08/08/08 contains three eights – a number considered to be very lucky in Chinese astrology because the Cantonese pronunciation of the word eight – fa – sounds like the word for prosperity. So lucky, in fact, that Olympic organisers are planning to start the Beijing Olympics at 8pm on that day.

Many Chinese weddings have been booked for that date, while maternity wards are preparing themselves for a mini baby boom. Lots of couples attempted to conceive in November in order for their baby to be born on 8th August, while a higher than normal number of elective caesareans have been scheduled for that date.

So, if you're considering a house move, career change, social event or any other big occasion, 8th August may well be the best time to put your plans into action!

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