Cleanse your body and soul with KittySoaps

KittySoaps releases new organic soap infused with Reiki and Angel healing energies.

Cat MacGillivray, founder of KittySoaps, has unveiled a revolutionary new soap range that harness Cat’s powers as a Reiki Master.

Reiki is an ancient form of healing that uses the energies around us to balance, heal and harmonise both the mind and body. By channelling Reiki healing, Cat empowers the natural ingredients and therapeutic properties of the soap, making an innovative holistic cleanser for the body and soul.

The unique skincare is also infused with Angelic and Elemental healing energies, which compliment the Reiki. The effects of the products claim to be long lasting, as the properties enhance the users spirituality and boost any on-going healing that might be needed.

The soaps available are Faerie Tale, Touch of an Angel and Song of the Sea, all of which made using entirely natural and organic products. They also come gift-wrapped in minimal recycled or recyclable packaging, ticking all the eco-friendly boxes.

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