Changing Your Career? Consult The Tarot For Guidance

Making the decision to change career can be a tough one: is it the right time? Which career should you change to? What are your chances of success? The Tarot can offer you deep and honest insights that can have a significant impact on your decision.

Asking the Right Question

The key to using the Tarot to help you in your decision is to ask the right question. Before you go anywhere near a Tarot reader, write out a list of the questions that are concerning you and then see which ones you can answer. This may take a little soul-searching, but can only be a positive thing. The questions that remain unanswered are the ones you must take to your Tarot reading.

One of the most important elements in a Tarot reading is the level of honesty between the seeker and the reader. Explain your situation to the reader and show them the list of questions. Through talking to you, they may be able to intuit which is the most important question to focus on. In addition, supplying them with all the information you can gives them a better chance to interpret the meanings behind the cards; the meanings offered up by Tarot cards are multi-layered and can offer insights into various areas of your life. In giving the reader all the information you can, you will help the reader to channel his psychic energies into the pertinent aspects of your life.

A Tour Of Your Psyche

You may find that the cards offer surprising insights into aspects of your personality, even during a career-change reading. This is because the cards and the reader will be tuning into your subconscious to see just what your deepest and most honest feelings are about your situation. In addition to looking at your career-choices and doubts and fears, the cards will take a tour of your psyche, unlocking the answers to your question. This can be where many people see the Tarot in the same light as a crystal ball, but the truth is that the cards simply help you to access the answers that are buried in your subconscious.

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