Can an online psychic reading help us make the big decisions in life?

There are innumerable reasons why people seek out the services of an online psychic. However, what joins them together is that, generally speaking, at that moment in time, those people are at a crossroads in their lives. Whether the problem is rooted in their career, a relationship or is based in monetary issues, the likelihood is that they feel that they have run out of options and need to seek advice and insight from an outside source.

Most of the decisions we are faced with in instances like this tend to feel like big ones. These are the decisions that may have some profound impact on our lives and we want to make sure that we make the right one. Can online psychics help us to make these big decisions?

Forging your own success

The answer is ‘yes’, but with certain caveats. Anyone looking for someone to tell them exactly what to do and exactly how things will unfold is going to be disappointed. Psychics work ethically, and they are not there to tell you what will happen. Instead, they are there to help you understand what your options are and the role you play in forging your own success or failure. Rather than telling you what will happen if you pursue a particular course of action, they can tell you what might or could happen, based on your spiritual and psychic states.

Many people mistakenly believe that psychics are a short-cut to viewing future events. While some may have access to what is going to unfold, these tend not to be the psychics we have access to online. Online readers are more traditional psychics, using a multitude of methods to access our subconscious. The Golden Rule here is that you have the answer to your own problems, locked deep within your psyche. You’re not using a psychic to give you the answers, but to help you discover what you already, secretly, know.

Using the Tarot to explain the concept

The Tarot is an excellent way of explaining the concept as a whole, as it uses physical objects to represent aspects of the human personality. There are 78 cards in a Tarot deck and, together, they form an allegorical tale known as The Fool’s Journey. This story recounts the trials and tribulations of The Fool, who is used to represent the ‘everyman’ character. Each encounter he makes on his journey teaches him a lesson about his own nature, and step by step he learns about his resources and hidden aspects of his character. These are used in Tarot readings to give the seeker an insight into how they truly perceive a situation and the role they play in its creation and which aspects of their nature they need to draw on in order to reach a positive resolution.

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed that the cards represented archetypes within the human psyche and would use them to diagnose emotional and mental malaise. In a Tarot reading, the seekers subconscious chooses the cards, after a question pertaining to a particular problem has been asked. The reader uses his intuitive and psychic abilities, combined with his knowledge of the Tarot cards, to interpret what the important aspects of the stories associated with the cards are and apply them to the problem in hand. At no point does the reader tell the querent what to do or how to tackle the situation. Instead, they point out the part that the querent plays in it. It is thought that we create the majority of our own problems and, therefore, we have the ability to find the solution, by looking within ourselves, rather than looking for an outside answer.

Learning the landscape of decision

Although the cards are specific to Tarot, the principles of the psychic being a guide, rather than a supplier of answers, are the same across the psychic board. Whether you are having your palm read, using Nordic runes, having an online astrology reading or using a clairvoyant, the psychic isn’t there to tell you how you should get from A to B. Instead, they will tell you all the possible routes to your destination, pointing out the possible pitfalls and summits – but the decision as to which road to travel is ultimately your own. However, to help you make your decision, a psychic will spend some time highlighting your strengths and flagging up your weaknesses, so you can utilize your hidden talents and attend to the aspects of your character that might be drawing you into a negative spiral of behaviour. With this knowledge and an idea of the possible outcomes of sets of action, you can decide yourself which is the best route to take.

The psychic bond

The psychic uses his abilities and intuitive gifts to forge a psychic bond with you, during a reading. It is thanks to the depths of this connection that they are able to offer counsel on the bigger decisions we must all face at one time or another. Whether the problem is based around a relationship, a job or money, the first step is to acknowledge that we have some responsibility in that situation – and it is part of a psychic’s job to help us reach that moment of acknowledgement.

What they offer us isn’t arcane magic or witchcraft. It’s a fusion of empathy, intuition and the ability to tune into other people’s emotional, mental and spiritual states, from which they are able to discern the impact that a decision will make on us and those around us.

Rather than being able to tell you which path to take in order to reach the conclusion you want, a psychic is there to help you understand which decision might be the best one for you on a personal, emotional and spiritual level. While this might not be the answer you want to hear, it is far more likely to be the answer you need on some level.

Using an online psychic to help you make big decisions can be a beneficial thing to do – as long as you’re not expecting them to come up with some hard and fast answers. To reach those, you must first look inside yourself, which is something your chosen psychic can help you with.


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