Can Improving Your Psychic Powers Keep You Looking Younger?

Have you ever noticed how people with psychic abilities often appear incredibly well preserved? It’s easy enough to dismiss TV psychics’ appearances as being the result of a bucket-load of foundation and hair dye, but many psychics who offer their services to the general public appear to have direct access to the Fountain of Youth. Does having psychic powers have a direct effect on your physical appearance or is there another explanation?

 The Relationship Between Mood and Body

 Science has come to a greater understanding of how our mood can have a pronounced effect on our physical health. In a series of experiments conducted at Ohio University, couples were asked to talk about topics that caused arguments between them. At the same time, they were hooked up to a suction device that caused small blisters on their arms. Researchers found that those blisters took up to 40% longer to heal when tensions ran high between the couples, as opposed to when they were discussing subjects on which they agreed and enjoyed talking about.

Research at the University of Pavia in Italy found that falling in love can help to promote the repair and growth of damaged nerves, while Dr Hyla Class of the UCLA University has conducted an extensive study into the effects of cuddling. His research has found that cuddling encourages the body to release DHEA, a hormone that promotes cellular repair and even has anti-ageing properties. Meditation has been investigated at King’s College University in London, using employees from high-stress environments. The study found that those who were asked to meditate were able to ‘move’ stress from one area of the brain another, giving them greater abilities to remain calm and to cope with problems.

The Link To Your Psychic Core

Having and working on you psychic powers isn’t just a matter of concentrating on your spiritual side. The majority of credible belief systems agree that there must be a balance between mind, body and soul. If one aspect of your being is overlooked, it will have an effect on the others and create a domino effect, resulting in physical, spiritual or emotional malaise. It is believed by many that our conscious and physical selves are an extension of our spiritual selves; that our minds and bodies are inextricably linked to our psychic core.

 Buddhism promotes physical exercise as part of the path towards spiritual nirvana. The Tarot reminds us that we must seek to balance all of the aspects of our being. For many belief systems, the mind, body and soul are not separate; they are simply different aspects of our existence. Yoga combines spiritual, physical and mental challenges to attain inner peace. Simple meditation has been used for centuries to achieve harmony and there are even those who use gardening as a tool through which to attain a state of peace.

The Value Of Meditation

In strengthening your psychic abilities, you are likely to use meditation on a regular basis. Part of heightening any psychic skill is to enter a trance-like state and positively visualise your powers at work. While your subconscious is being exercised through this process, your mind and body are encourage to be at rest. As a result, you become calmer and are able to step away from the problems of your daily life. In doing so, your mood lifts and your body will undergo subtle, physiological changes, repairing itself and promoting the growth of new cells. It’s almost as if, by diverting our energies away from the stressful considerations of our daily lives, we are creating the right environment in which physical healing can take place.

 Exercise is also important to strengthening your psychic powers, as is your diet. Many belief systems eschew meat in favour of fresh fruit and vegetables, which are known to have restorative effects on the body and keep you looking younger. However, good, simple and fresh foods also have a pronounced effect on your mood. Foods that contain B vitamins, found in nuts and pulses, and those that contain serotonin, such as bananas, have been found to lift your mood, increasing levels of happiness and contentment. If your body feels good, your mind follows suit and your soul feels lighter. Whilst you are nourishing your body and flooding your system with antioxidants, you are also nourishing your spiritual aspect.


 Interestingly, there are many psychic practices that require physical contact. Faith healers, Reiki practitioners and even some psychics use touch to enhance their intuitive abilities; there are even centres in America that devoted entirely to hugging. With what we now know about the healing properties of cuddles, it’s easy to understand the mental and spiritual nourishment they provide – and also how it helps our bodies to regenerate damaged cells.

Developing your psychic powers is a three-fold process, focussing on your mind, body and soul. In simple terms, the healthier you are on the inside, the more youthful your appearance will be, as though the positive effects of your balanced psyche permeate outwards. This isn’t to say that all psychics look like Hollywood stars and have perfect teeth but, rather, that they all seem possessed of that healthy glow that we so often envy. A good programme of psychic development will include physical exercise, a good diet, positive mental stimulation and regular meditation; all three aspects of our being are worked and nurtured and the results are obvious in both our attitude and our appearance.

However, just as positive thoughts, feelings and action can have a physical, restorative effect, the reverse is also true. Those who are unhappy on a spiritual level will find that their thoughts follow negative patterns and they become physically apathetic, leading to an unhealthy appearance. It is perhaps easier to see the link between mind, body and soul here: if you look bad, you feel bad and if you feel bad, you tend to make the wrong decisions in life. This can become a vicious circle, creating patterns of negative behaviour on every level of our existence and even result in physical illness.

 In short, there is more to developing your psychic powers than just testing yourself on the psychic plane and, if you pay attention to each facet of your being, your body will become more adept at self-healing, giving you a physical and spiritual facelift.


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