Can Exercise Boost Your Psychic Ability?

The idea that our subconscious selves and our conscious selves are two separate entities is a misleading one. While each deals with stimuli in its own fashion, these two sides to our personalities are inextricably linked and help to make is while and rounded beings. In addition, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that our mental well-being can have a positive and beneficial effect on our physical health, the same is true in reverse: by looking after your body, you can increase your psychic prowess.

A Physical Representation

In many ways, it can be said that our physical bodies are representative of our psychic selves. Just as our psychic health can promote illness or well-being, so too can our physical health promote negative of positive effects on our bodies. It is often commented that those with a positive attitude seem to be better-equipped to cope with illness or injury; keeping your body in tune can increase your latent psychic abilities.

Often, physical symptoms, such as obesity, a propensity towards illness and lethargy can be symptoms of psychic malaise. While it is important to keep your subconscious exercised and fit, it is also important to do the same for your body. Factors such as poor diet, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and lack of exercise can point to the fact that all is not well with; they are symptoms of negative forces at work. In addition, these conditions can help to block our psychic abilities and increase the distance between our higher and our physical forms.

Diet and Exercise

A key to subconscious exercise is the ability to relax. However, relaxation is next to impossible if the body is underused, undernourished and trying to fight off toxins. By eating healthily, exercising sensibly and rejecting vices, you are not only clearing your body of toxins, but you are helping to clear the pathways between your conscious and subconscious. In addition, just as repeated exercise can promote muscle-growth and boost the immune system, it can also promote the growth of our latent, psychic abilities. For some, their body is a temple, for others, the mind is the hallowed place. Achieving balance between the two can boost both body and soul.

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