Can Crystals Really Tell Your Future?


Crystals and stones have been used to determine answers to a variety of questions for hundreds of years in many different cultures. The two main approaches, scrying and lithomancy are mentioned in Roman, Hebrew, Arabic and Western European literature, almost from the moment that the written word was developed. These practices are ancient and founded on old and arcane beliefs, yet seem to have found themselves a credible home in the 21st Century. However, the question that modern man seems to want answered is whether crystals really can tell your future.


What is Scrying?


Scrying is known by a number of different names: crystal gazing, crystal seeing, seeing and even peeping. As a practice, it seems to have started in Ancient Egypt. Hathor, the Sky Goddess of Joy and Love was believed to carry a shield that could ‘reflect back all things in their true light.’ The practice spread to Greece and Britain and, in Ancient China, the art of reading tea-leaves was also seen as a form of scrying. More famously, Nostradamus was said to have carried a bowl of water with him for scrying purposes, while John Dee, consultant to Queen Elizabeth I, used a crystal ball for divinatory purposes, which is on display in the British Museum in London.


Although the scrying surface has taken many forms, such as fire, smoke, tea-leaves and water, crystals are by far the most popular choice for diviners. By gazing at a translucent, reflective surface, it is thought that a scryer can enter a light, trance-like state. This state frees the subconscious and allows it to communicate through abstract thoughts, images and sensations. The scryer then uses his or her intuitive abilities to interpret just what the images mean, divining answers to problems set in the present or situations that have yet to occur. 


In many ways, scrying is not that different to the Tarot. Just as the cards are a tool to communicate with the subconscious, the crystals are a tool with which to build a link to the psychic abilities that are latent within all of us. However, the subconscious is not altogether direct in the methods it chooses with which to send messages; many believe that we can intuit a lot about our spiritual state through interpreting the apparently random images in dreams. In this respect, scrying is similar; by using our intuition, we are able to make sense of the images, thoughts and feelings that come to us in this mild, hypnotic state.


The Origins of Lithomancy


The earliest verified account of lithomancy comes from 8th Century Greece, describing a physician called Eusebius using a stone to divine future events. Since then it has taken many forms, such as the Runic Stones of the Nordic Elder Futhark, and even the casting of specially marked dice. At its most basic, Lithomancy is the casting of stones, gems or crystals which have been attributed with specific meanings before they are thrown. However, for a reading to have any accuracy at all, it is better for it to be conducted by an experienced psychic. Psychics who are experienced lithomancers use their intuitive abilities to be able to identify the relationships and patterns between the stones. This way, a psychic can divine events, people and energies that may somehow impact on the seeker’s life. 


Lithomancy is conducted in a number of different ways. Generally, it involves casting chosen stones to form patterns. However, some psychics find they respond better to the different colours of the stones used, while others prefer to use those that are attributed with certain powers or characteristics.


The most common form of lithomancy used today has string associations with astrology. Typically, 13 stones are used in a casting of this sort. Seven of the stones are chosen to represent the major forces at work in the heavens - the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. The other six are used to refer to the other forces at play in the seeker’s life such as love, home, health, luck, magic and the future. 


The stones are then cast into a circle or other geometric shape that is used to represent the seeker’s psychic environment. The shape can be constructed from leather or string or any material that has a particular association to the psychic. It is he or she who will be using their gifts to interpret the patterns and relationships of the stones as they fall. In addition to noting how the stones interact, the lithomancer will also note how the stones fall in relation to the shape into which they are cast, giving insight into which forces are most predominately at play.


In answer to the question ‘can stones really predict your future?’ the response must always be no, they cannot. Although many crystals and gems are attributed with healing properties, when it comes to telling what lies ahead, they are only stones. However, when they are used by a psychic as a tool through which they can expand their consciousness and access their subconscious abilities, then they take on another role altogether. They are a conduit for the psychic’s powers, a means through which the psychic can connect with their higher self and use intuitive abilities to discern how a client is truly feeling now and how they can remove the self-imposed obstacles that are keeping them from the destiny they desire. Just as without a reader Tarot cards are simply an inanimate deck, lithomancy stones without a psychic are just stones.


If you subscribe to the idea that we all have latent psychic abilities, but some are more in tune with them than others, then using the services of an experienced lithomancer may well give you greater insight into the role you play in your own life and the roles you play in the lives of those around you. The casting of stones remains a favourite practice with many psychics today and in the right hands, the stones or crystals can offer a unique and informative approach to psychic reading.

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