Britain – a nation of believers

A whopping two-thirds of Brits believe in life after death, according to the findings of the UK’s leading expert in near-death experiences.

Dr Penny Sartori’s recent Hereafter poll quizzed people about what death meant to them, and found that almost sixty percent of us believe our loved ones remain with us in spirit after they’ve died.

In addition, she discovered that two out of five of those surveyed would like to communicate with deceased loved ones, and that at least one in five of us has visited a medium or psychic. What’s more, twenty percent of those she questioned had seen or felt the presence of a ghost.

Says Dr Sartori, “We are beginning to see a notable rise of people having near-death experiences and encounters with deceased relatives. With an increase in reported incidents of this nature, it isn’t surprising that we as a nation are becoming increasingly more open-minded in accepting that consciousness may exist independently of the body and is not created by the brain.”

Dr Sartori, whose interest in near-death experiences and the afterlife was sparked by her work as an intensive care nurse, also asked people which famous individual they would like to contact them from beyond the grave. Princess Diana topped the poll, followed by scientist Albert Einstein, actress Marilyn Monroe and Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

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