Battle Of The Psychic Sexes

Most of us have heard the phrase ‘female intuition’ at some time or other, whereas the male equivalent is a ‘gut feeling’. Take a look at the women’s magazines in your local newsagents and you’ll find them chock-full of articles about the paranormal and with pages dedicated to horoscopes. Men’s magazines, however, tend to be full of articles about cars or films. Does this support the argument that women are supposed to be more psychically-gifted than men?

A Divide Between The Sexes?

We are all born with psychic abilities. Just as babies are born with muscular structures that develop uniquely with each child, our psychic abilities develop or diminish according to how they are looked after. While it is in our nature to be able to connect with each other on a psychic level, it could very well be our nurture that apparently creates a divide between the sexes.

In society, men are, traditionally, taught to be logical and analytical; using the left side of their brains more than their right. Presented with a problem, a male’s approach is generally to boil it down to its constituent parts and spot where the difficulty lies. Women, however, seem to be encouraged to rely on and develop their intuitive skills; you are more likely to hear a woman declare that she has an intuitive feeling about someone or something, than you are a man. In addition, despite the breakthroughs in social awareness, men still seem to have problems expressing themselves, emotionally – particularly to other males. By contrast, women often seem to be able to sense a friend’s mood without speaking to them, expressing their feelings on a higher wavelength.

Balancing The Scales

However, this does not necessarily mean that the majority of men are psychically stunted. Instead, it suggests that there are still constraints within society that prevent men from using their abilities as openly as their female counterparts. There are just as many high-profile male psychics as there are female psychics, yet the men are viewed as more of an oddity. Perhaps by challenging conventional stereotypes and encouraging men to intuit openly, we will see the psychic scales balance between both sexes.


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