Baby Naming – What you should know!

Everyone knows it’s all in your name - surely Madonna wouldn’t have been quite so iconic without a one-name name.

But what should you know before naming you child?

Well, Joanne Justis, Chaldean Master Numerologist and Baby Naming Expert has just  released a little black baby advice book to give you the lowdown.

Says Joanne: ‘The most important gift parents can bestow upon their child is the name they assign their baby. A name is a "priceless" gift for life--one that can make all the difference for a child's life. Regardless of how controversial the subject matter may be, it's time for me to share this information on baby naming with the rest of the world. This book will uncover all the information parents need to know about naming their baby.’

She uses Chaldean Numerology, an ancient science of numbers dating back to 4004 BCE whose ethos is that every person is born with a set of unique numerical values, which represent vibrational patterns that have definable and describable meanings. The numbers of a person's name and birth date unveil a unique design and blueprint that reveal the potential within a person's life.

’Baby naming is a lot more complex than anyone could ever imagine. It's not as simple as 'picking a name and the job is done.'

Chaldean Numerology strips down a name to its core, analyzes the components, then pins the name in such a way, allowing parents to determine what will be the baby's primary characteristics and traits and to assess the layout and design of the child's character, strengths and weaknesses.

Find out more at

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