Astro update: Jupiter changes direction

Planets often change their paths in the sky, and when this happens conditions change on earth as well. These events connect with our inner and outer lives as where this change of movement takes place is connected to the astrological element of your chart.

In October, Jupiter changes direction today at exactly 18 degrees moving forward once again after months’ travel. This change of direction will slow down the planet and its influence will intensify more than ever.

Jupiter's energy is about releasing good luck, good fortune as well as confidence and potential growth. There is also a balance formed between generosity and indulgence.

Jupiter has been aligned with Neptune and Chiron and is currently positioned
in Aquarius. Jupiter's position in Aquarius this year has channelled the ideals of fairness, teamwork and social justice under the Aquarian banner.

The positive demeanour that Jupiter currently holds is putting pressure on Chiron to heal old wounds, and pushes Neptune to go beyond what it considers practical.

In November, Jupiter will catch up to Chiron and Neptune again and the three planets will travel in a close unit until a change of direction is made again in February, so enjoy the benefits!

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