Are Dreams the Secret to Unlocking your Psychic Potential?

We all have psychic abilities, whether we realise it or not. Unfortunately, for most of us life gets in the way. Daily stresses and strains conspire to preoccupy us and we can forget that we have a higher purpose. Retuning yourself to that higher purpose is the best way to discover or rediscover your psychic potential. Many people have no idea where to start, but the good news is that you can do it while you’re asleep!


Dreams are your subconscious’ way of communicating its fears and desires. They can be both symbolic and literal, but they all contain signposts that can guide us towards our higher purpose. All we have to do is learn to interpret them. The most vivid dreams tend to be those that happen just as the conscious mind is ‘switching off’ and the subconscious mind is settling into the driving seat. This trance-like state opens a conduit, through which the psychic self can express itself, but the meanings in messages are often hidden. The subconscious is a creative side of yourself that you may not yet be fully familiar with, but it represents just a fraction of your psychic potential.

To attune yourself to what your psychic self is saying, you should begin to keep a journal of your dreams. Make notes of themes, people and images that are recurrent. In addition, be sure to record any feelings that come with the dreams. Elements that repeat themselves are the signposts towards inner harmony.

Using Dreams

Just as the subconscious can communicate to you its feelings and desires, you can also instruct it to begin achieving certain things. Once again, it is the period between wakefulness and sleep that is key. If you have a certain problem, visualise it as you settle down to sleep or just upon waking. Visualise it in as much detail as you can and with the outcome you would most like to see happen. This is like a set of coded instructions for the subconscious in which you are giving it permission to act upon the situation. 

Over time, your dreams should take on the aspect of answers to your questions or commands. In addition, you may notice aspects of your personality change. If you are having difficulty within a relationship and visualise a positive outcome, your psyche will begin to administer subtle changes to your attitude, self-awareness and empathy within that relationship. It will give you all the tools necessary to effect the changes you want.


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