Aquarius The Water Bearer



The cold, dark weeks of late January and early February are governed by one of the most complex of all the zodiac signs - Aquarius the Water Bearer. This intelligent, lively sign is associated with Ganymede, a beautiful youth of Greek mythology, beloved by Zeus and the cup bearer to the gods of Mount Olympus. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Aquarius is the 11th house of the western zodiac and is a fixed air sign.

Aquarians usually fall into two types - shy, gentle and patient or bold, extroverted and lively. Whichever type you are, the outer mask hides a much deeper personality full of contradictions, twists and turns. Aquarians are intelligent, people with a hunger for knowledge and a lust for life that makes them extremely attractive. Although strong willed, they are however happy to change their opinion if evidence is presented to them. They believe passionately in seeking out the truth about both people and situations, so never try and pull the wool over an Aquarian's eyes!

Times of solitude

However gregarious and outgoing, every so often Aquarians need to take a step back and seek a little solitude in which to find some inner peace and spiritual balance. And while they attract others, they do not make true friends very easily. Aquarians can be a little picky about whom they allow into their 'inner circle' and this can make forming long-lasting relationships with an Aquarian tricky. But once they have decided on their partner they are intensely loyal and devoted. A relationship with an Aquarian is usually relaxed, laid back and easy going but beware of their temper, which can be sudden and explosive. Cross an Aquarian and it is unlikely that they will ever forgive you. Their intense personality means that they can often hold grudges for years, particularly if they feel that your apology was not genuine.

Aquarians work best as part of a group, and love social interaction. Their sharp intellect and keen observational skills combined with a strong creative ability means that you will often find them working in the media. Aquarians also often have a strong psychic ability and an interest in the spiritual side of life.

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