2010 – The Year of the Tiger

Here’s something to look forward to – 14th February is not only Valentine’s Day, but also when Chinese New Year falls in 2010. According to ancient Chinese mythology, we will be entering the year of the Tiger, which will be good news for many people.

The Tiger represents courage, and traditionally plays a large role in protecting the household from three primary dangers – fire, thieves, and ghosts. This year in particular is the year of the Metal Tiger, and it is being predicted that metal will bring determination while the Tiger will bring courage – meaning the goals you set this year should be particularly attainable.

For those of you expecting, people born in the year of the Tiger have a number of common characteristics including intelligence, fearlessness and competitiveness. You can also expect those born in this year to be natural leaders – some celebrity ‘Tigers’ include Karl Marx, Tom Cruise and Queen Elizabeth II.

The best news is, 2010 could see the end of the recession – The Metal Tiger is said to bring prosperity, so the coming months could usher in the end of the economic downturn. Woo-hoo!


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