I am and feel that being psychic is within everybody and we can al access it. For me being psychic is bring in touch with your intuition and listening to your gut feeling. I am often amazed when I do a tarot reading and I get names, dates and places from the reading and I will say to people. I am not a medium in that I do not directly get messages from passed ones. But then the messages I get from hearing the voices in my head or being given clues by the cards, I feel I am clairvoyant and at times can use all the clairs. I love being a tarot reader and I read intuitively but also know the cards very well and use astrology, original meanings, numerology and the Kabbalistic tree of life in my readings if I am given the information. Including chakras and healing. I see the tarot as a practical tool to help people in life. During times where they need guidance and insight and some clarity. I will work with clients to their needs. And I know with phoneline work it is not always possible to be or give so much time with them, so it is important to answer their questions if they have one to help them get their answers as quickly and easily as possible and then to build a rapport with clients and in this way build a client base where you can get deeper with clients and be more helpful. When they have had a good reading they trust you and will comeback. I am an honest reader, and I am kind but truthful. I also will not get the client to re word the question as many readers do. I will look at the question in a bigger picture for them. This is usually helpful. For example if somebody wants to know when or if a partner will come back after they have not had contact for many years. I will draw a general reading and see what else is going on and if anybody else is there or how they might need to change focus. It is possible of course that people do come back so although I have heard readers laugh about this kind of question. It has happened! But I will not sugar coat this if I don’t see it but be kind and helpful in giving different direction. If a reading is difficult I will offer an angel card at the end of the reading if the client would like this. It often helps to give a positive note and ending to the call.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Tarot, angel cards, clairvoyance, healing, spiritual coach, love tarot.

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

I will ask you if you have a general question or something specific. On the phone lines I might explain that if they have a particular question then it can be answered quicker if they wish by asking the question. If not I am happy to do a general reading. I will start by asking you to tune in your energy and concentrate as I shuffle the cards and I will ask you to tell me when to stop. I will be given an idea by spirit what the outcome is and give you some idea of the messages I am receiving and the things I can see happening or may have recently happened in your life. I will explain this clearly and empathically, if it looks like you are at a crossroads etc I can use more cards to see which direction you will if you choose like to go in. I will explain that the cards are a reflection of what is going on in your life at present and hopefully be able to guide you, give insight and clarity as to what steps to take next. I will read a message from spirit as part of the reading and generally be able to pin point what is going on in your mind but not always put into action or happened.

Describe your journey into the psychic world

My journey in to the psychic world started when I was very young and I was always aware when somebody had passed over. (even though I say I am not a medium, many mediums have said that I am, I prefer to say I am a tarot reader who hears spirit as I do not see anybody who has passed over) but I do hear voices and get messages that are bizarre that nobody can explain. Anyway as a child I would wake up with a sore throat and after it had happened once where somebody had died, whenever I woke up with a sore throat I instinctively knew that somebody local had died. We lived in a small village and I would usually hear later that day that somebody has passed over. I was always very intuitive and would often feel peoples energy change around me etc. I was also very in tune with mother earth from a very young age and this led me down a pagan route which led to a spiritual journey.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

I had always had a huge interest in tarot cards from a young age and was intrigued by the images but I found them confusing. I would instead get a tarot book and open it on a random page and use that as my card of the day. In this way I started to learn and understand the cards but I suppose I was using it more like an oracle or angel card and getting a message for the day.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I have probably mostly answered this above but I have worked for different psychic companies.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

This is probably most difficult for me to answer as I have had a few. But one in particular was about 3 years ago and I was having my hair done and as I sat with the foils on my hair I kept hearing a vice saying ‘No Mary, No Mary!!’ quite loud but over and over again. The I was saying you know Mary !’ I said to the hairdresser do you know anybody called Mary and she said no but she would ask her mum and she had been to me for readings before so I explained what I had heard and didn’t think much more of it. About 3 weeks later I got a message from a lady asking if she could come to me for a reading. I did not know her and didn’t add as a friend so knew nothing about her. Her name was Mary though. Now when she arrived she was about 75 she sat down and said to me I don’t want to know what's going to happen but I want clarity on something! She said I wont speak and see what happens, comes out. At this point I was thinking this is going to be hard as normally you will get some interaction with a client especially after a few cards are showing we are on the right path. She sat tight lipped throughout. The cards that came out first were all divorce and somebody leaving. ( I have to admit and this is assuming I know that 75 year old don’t get divorced) but I did feel she didn’t want a divorce as the card came out I threw it across the room, not on purpose it was like this isn’t what is wanted. Anyway all the cards were sad, doom and gloom but I was saying what I saw and the message I was getting. When I looked at her, her face was blank she was determined not to give any clues. So I had the voice again of Mary no Mary, your right Mary! I had go to the part in the reading where I always give the answer and next to it message from spirit. So I thought I have to give her this message. Its to much of a coincidence. So I said and explain about the part of the reading and told her what happened in the hairdressers, and then how she had contacted me. I said it may not be for you but I feel it is. Well after I told her she said that’s it. That’s the clarity I wanted my husband has left me for my best friend and she is a hairdresser. Not sure who was more shocked at this point! I said to her I sort of flung the divorce card across the room and said is this because you don’t want the divorce and it was. It was very sad but it gave her the clarity she needed and I think because I received the message in the hairdressers, it was somehow the only way she thinks her parents could get the message through sprit to her form me.

How do you use the tarot cards as a spiritual tool?

I just go with the flow on the reading and I connect t the cards before a reading and cleanse the cards in between each reading. I allow spirit to work through me and I connect to the cards energy to get the messages I need. This is almost instinct and difficult to explain. But my motto is if you see or hear something…say it! But the cards feel very spiritual to me anyway and I trust them to work with me and spirit

How do you interpret the tarot cards to focus on love?

If I am doing a card reading on love I will connect to the love energies in the cards. I will look for emotion, people and I can see by reading the cards if the person is pushing people away, learning lessons or if love is coming in or leaving! Love readings can also include love of work, hobbies and life in general and unless a specific love question is asked I will look at and respond to all messages I get from the cards. Again this is really done intuitively and with help from the tarot as a tool. Quite difficult to explain

How do your visions manifest themselves?

As already explained I do not see my myself as a medium but spirit do show themselves to me through hearing and energies around me. I do believe my spirit guide and my dad are around me all the time and my spirit guide will help me with readings. Especially if I ask him. My dad is more around to help me with daily life events. And has shown himself in dates, dreams and If I have manifested something it will usually arrive around a time that would have had meaning for me and my dad. I know he helps me and guides me.

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

I feel that spiritual healing flows through me naturally. I am a reiki master and have studied and worked with lots of clients where we use tools such as crystals and the sea and trees, meditate etc and although I believe these all aid in any spiritual healing to flow through me I can tune into what I feel is a natural part of me. I feel my soul as a separate part of me and my body is a vehicle for this to happen. Again I believe intentions can be set and this aids and helps us especially if we are using this as healing for others.

What is the importance of spirituality in your life and how do you convey it in your readings?

Spirituality is very important in my life and I am happy to share my experiences with clients if that is what they want. I can share my knowledge and how I meditate, read, learn stay in touch with my inner feelings and work and develop on my shadow self, writing journals daily, gratitude journals, manifesting with the moons, using chakras and colours to help. But in a reading I would only give this information if it was really appropriate I might suggest things for a client to try if that is what they wanted.

Why are angel cards special to you?

I work with very few angel cards but the ones I do use are full of wonderful affirmations and self help practices that are simple and quick. Although the deck Is deep it is easy to pick up and get some guidance quickly. I like to pull an angel card at the end of a reading if a client would like one as it can add a very positive note to a reading especially a more difficult situation and give the client hope and leave them on a more happier positive note. Reminding them that they are not alone and also to then look for signs from the angels and this often seems to happen. I do feel they are around at all times but will only help us if we ask. They do not like to interfere.

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