I’m a Clairvoyant, Medium that connects to yourself through your voice and your energies and to the Spirit World in order to be channel you the guidance you need to deal with situations happening around you. My guide and I have worked together giving readings to people from all walks of life for many years. We offer understanding, empathy and honesty together with a wealth of knowledge from many life experiences. We specialise in love, relationships, past life connections, bereavement, work issues and medium-ship. Read the feedback and judge for yourself.

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Questions and Answers

What spiritual skills do you have?

Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Spiritual Teacher and Counsellor and Natural Healer

What languages do you speak?


What can I expect from my reading with you?

Honesty, friendliness, empathy, patience, understanding and positivity

Describe your journey into the psychic world

The psychic world has always been a part of my life. I remember having a number of spirits around me who became my friends long before I was school age, some of them were around for a short time and others stayed with me throughout my childhood years, and still one or two who are around me today. I also have an extremely good and very longstanding relationship with one of my guides who is my teacher, my mentor and my source of knowledge on many things and he helps me enormously with my readings. My Healing gift has been with me from the age of three and again is helped by another of my longstanding guides.

What prompted you to start giving readings?

I became aware of making comments about numerous things from the age of four, not knowing where the knowledge came from. I became aware later on in life that these had been insight to things happening at the time with other people or had been premonitions about events connected with family or close friends and later on also became about events to take place in the wider world. My dreams became quite vivid dreams and would often be about events to occur and sometimes left me feeling that it had happened and I had witnessed it only to find it had not occurred but would do in time. My intuition took me down various routes of interest and into doing readings for friends, initially for fun but when things started coming true I became aware that it was something to be treasured and treated with respect. My learning and knowledge from others grew and I eventually accepted my role as a clairvoyant and medium and have been doing readings professionally for more than 20 years.

What are your experience and qualifications?

I am a qualified counsellor specializing in bereavement, trauma, parenting and life skills and relationships matters. I have worked with different organisations connected with all these things as well as going through very tough personal experiences in all these areas. I have also worked with young mums, listening groups and troubled youngsters with family problems and in different healing groups. I also have aromatherapy knowledge which is often used with my healing.

What is your most memorable psychic experience?

There are so many it’s hard to choose one but, I think it has to be the experience connected with a ring as that happened on the second evening of working on a phone line when I first started to work in this manner. I had a lady to come to me, told me outright that she thought it was mumbo-jumbo but the situation had driven her to try anything. She had lost a diamond ring which had great sentimental value to her and couldn’t find it anywhere despite looking in every possible nook and cranny she could think of. I described to her the picture I was given and told her it didn’t seem much but it was the best I could give, to which she replied she would go and look and come back to me. I didn’t expect to hear from her again but later that evening she came back to me full of praise and extremely delighted as she had been given it by her husband many years before but he had now passed over, but also that she would have the greatest pleasure in contacting the insurance company the following morning to withdraw the claim for it being lost as it was valued by them at £25k and a cheque was to be drawn up for her at the close of business, but to her it was worth far more and she was obviously delighted to have found it.

Why do you give readings through this service?

It allows people of all walks of life to access spiritual guidance easily. It gives them flexibility of choosing from many readers and of who they are drawn to which is important for anyone wanting a reading. It also gives people I have done readings for face to face in other parts of the country to come back to me as and when they wish to. If the right connection between reader and client is made the reading can be just as profound as one face to face

How does spiritual healing flow through you?

Spiritual healing often flows through my readings, mixed with humour and explanations about situations to put people at ease but to give them strength and courage to do whatever is necessary when the time comes.

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