Your First Tarot Reading – What To Expect

The decision to have a Tarot reading for the first time can be a big one for some people. Usually, they will have reached a point where they have questions that they feel cannot be answered anywhere else. In addition, there are likely to be nerves: what will happen and what answers will they get? Your first Tarot reading should be a pleasant experience, as long as you have an idea of what to expect.

Magic Or Trickery?

Before you start drawing cards, the first person you will meet is your reader or interpreter. His role is to divine the meanings behind the cards. This is not done through magic or trickery, but simple intuition. Readers have incredibly strong intuitive skills and, using their knowledge of the cards coupled with these abilities, will explain to you what the message is and how it is pertinent to your life. It is important to share as much detail of your conundrum with your interpreter; that way they can be more specific with their answers.

An interpreter is also likely to try and establish a psychic bond with you. This is so that they can understand your desires and fears on a deeper level, adding more accuracy to the reading. Establishing this bond happens as soon as you make contact; there is no need for ‘rituals’ or ceremonies – the most will be asked to do is clear your mind.

The Tarot Deck

The next item you will encounter is the Tarot deck. To the uninitiated, Tarot cards can appear sinister; the pictures they carry are often arcane-looking or appear unsettling. However, what you need to remember is that the artwork is just that; it may be that the deck holds a special resonance for the interpreter and he feels comfortable working with them. In no way do the cards have any magical powers or abilities; they are ‘props’ with which the interpreter can glean how your subconscious is operating.

The Tarot deck is not a crystal ball and cannot tell the future. The cards have stories associated with them and the reader will use his intuitive abilities to decide which part of a story is most appropriate to you.

Your first Tarot reading will be a pleasant, if unfamiliar, experience – and is unlikely to be your last.

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