Why Kylie’s convinced her ex is watching over

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We all fear the loss of a loved one, but when someone is taken from us it’s often comforting to think that in some way they’re still around.

People have so many different beliefs, and I always think it’s a case of ‘whatever gets you through’ and there is no right or wrong answer to these things.

Some people think that even though they’re no longer living, the person they lost is just a thought away and they can always connect to them in some way, even if it just involves silently sending them a message.

Then there are people who believe that people come back to look after them and are always making sure that they’re okay. Kylie Minogue is one of them.

The pop star is convinced that the ghost of her ex-boyfriend – and some say the big love of her life - Michael Hutchence watches over her.

‘Michael's still around I know that... people might think I'm mad but I feel his presence. It’s very personal. He checks in with me and it's typical of him that I feel his presence just when I need him most or just when something appropriate happens. It's not spooky it's reassuring - although the force of his presence can be scary.’

Feeling Michael around her has no doubt been extremely comforting for Kylie over the past few years, especially during her much-publicised battle with cancer. And it shows that when you love someone very deeply, they never really leave you.

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