Why Do You Want to Talk to a Psychic?

We all reach points in our lives when we feel we need guidance. Often, this tends to be in situations that are emotional and in which we feel we have little or no control. Situations such as divorce, money problems, loneliness or an apparent loss of direction in life can promote negative feelings that can seem too much to deal with. At these times, we often turn to outside sources to gain a better perspective on the situation as a whole and to seek advice on how we should proceed. However, is it always the right move to talk to a psychic?


Psychics and Counsellors


There are psychics out there who will insist that you consult them for virtually any matter. However, these are not necessarily the best ones to talk to. A good psychic knows that there are aspects of a person’s character and personal circumstances that may not immediately benefit from advice of this sort. Those that suggest they are the answer to all of life’s problems are far more likely to be interested in their own financial gain than your spiritual development!


The role of a psychic differs strongly from the role of a counsellor. Where counsellors are often trained to recognise patterns of mental distress and use cognitive or neurolinguistic processes to help a client out of a negative, emotional spiral, psychics operate on a slightly more esoteric but no less intimate – or effective – level. Counsellors are trained to trace the symptoms of mental or emotional unhappiness to a root cause, and to discover how an event may be responsible for a particular train of thought or behaviour. Alcoholics, depressives and even those with anxiety problems can benefit hugely from discussing their pasts and presents with a trained professional. 


Understanding and Treatment


Psychics differ in that they are dealing with the subconscious mind and the other energies that are at play in our lives. Often, a client may seek to discover why they are unlucky in love or want to get a glimpse of what their future might hold. People who use psychics for these purposes often feel they have reached a crossroads in their lives and are not sure which route they should take – which is entirely different from having your perspective skewed by a clinically diagnosable mental problem. 


A good psychic will use their intuitive abilities to interpret a client’s true feelings on a subject - feelings that are often clouded by the minutiae and worries of our daily lives. Whether they use Tarot cards or clairvoyant abilities, they can tap into how a person feels about themselves and discern what it is they truly want from their lives. Possibly the most common subject raised in psychic consultations is the topic of love. Often, clients want to know just how they will find love, and sometimes may want clues as to the identity of their future partners. A good psychic knows that their gifts are not a conduit to the future. Instead, they are a way of unravelling the negative aspects of our characters and putting positive energies into play, so that the client can become the person that they want to be. However, this is not a ‘quick-fix’ solution, but part of an ongoing process towards spiritual harmony.


An Alternative Course of Action


Money matters are another popular topic and, for psychics, a tricky one. Rather than being able to predict when a lump sum will fall into someone’s hands, psychics tend to try and identify the personal traits in a client that are preventing them from fulfilling their potential and attaining material gain. Once again, the focus is on the client’s subconscious and identifying fears ad worries that may be holding them back. 


However, someone on the verge of bankruptcy or who is in serious debt would be better advised to seek the advice of a financial advisor or other money-minded professional. While a psychic may be able to suggest how their client might be able to improve their chances of making money in the future, they cannot offer up financial solutions to immediate problems. Their talent lies in identifying the barriers we all impose on ourselves, those that prevent us from achieving our dreams.


A good psychic practitioner will easily identify when someone’s problems fall outside of their remit and should recommend an alternative course of action. Problems that require immediate practical solutions, such as money or mental health issues, are not to be taken lightly and the wrong advice could have disastrous consequences. In no way does this reflect on the effectiveness of psychic counselling. Rather, it simply highlights the difference between certain problems and the different ways in which they should be approached. A psychic journey is a long one and deals with our potential to be happy, rather than offering solutions to medical or important financial decisions.


Many people benefit from psychic advice. Those who feel they are unlucky in love receive a greater understanding of how they perceive themselves and, in turn, how they are perceived by others. Those who have definite financial goals learn more about how they prohibit themselves from acting upon opportunities that come their way. Those who feel they want to contact a loved one who has passed on to the spirit realm gain a better perspective on why they want to make that contact in the first place and, in some cases, are able to do so with a greater sense of serenity.


However, there are problems that are rooted in this world, in our chemical and genetic make-up and in our bank accounts. These problems do not require an intuitive approach - they tend to demand immediate and careful solutions. You may feel that you want to consult a psychic to deal with your stresses and strains, but a good one will point you in another direction if they feel that they are offering you false hope or that they may be doing more harm than good. The best thing you can do to begin with is to ask yourself honestly why you are seeking psychic advice and is it likely to provide the answers you are looking for. 

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