What’s the Future for George Clooney’s Engagement?


While George Clooney is one of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors, lots of people forget that he was, in fact, married once before.

Right now, at 53, he is engaged to Amal Allamuddin, a 36 year old human rights lawyer. With an emerald-cut diamond engagement ring on her finger, their engagement was announced in April and they’ve been making plans ever since. They have been lorded as intellectual equals, as well as worlds apart, making their relationship easy.

Brad and Angelina have said that it’s likely that, despite their two year engagement, George will get married before they do. Angelina told USA Today, 'We don't have any plans to get married at the moment. Nothing is organised. Nothing is ready. I don't have a dress.'

But the question on everyone’s lips is will it be happily ever after for George?

He once stated that he would never marry again following his four year union to Talia Balsam from 1989 to 1993. Since then, he has been seen with a string of girlfriends, including a Vegas waitress and an Italian TV star, with George often blaming his fear of intimacy for break ups in retrospect.

But right now he seems really keen to marry Amal.

Friend of the couple, Cindy Crawford, recently said that the wedding will be in September.

So how has she managed to snag the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood?

"This is the healthiest relationship I've ever seen George in," a source told Us Magazine. "He seems incredibly happy, and Amal is such a sweet and intelligent girl."

George recently had a spat with the Daily Mail over reports that Amal’s mother didn’t approve of the marriage, as he was outside of the Durze religion. When the Mail apologised, George wasn’t having any of it, accusing them of outright lying.

So if this is anything to go by, George and his wife to be are set to have a happily ever after, after all!

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