What’s in a name?

Famous Hollywood Psychic Kenny Kingston recently revealed that those stars with ‘balanced’ names have the spirits and luck on their side. He believes that stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Stone find fame and fortune quickest because of their initials.

‘The spirit world is attracted to people with the same first and last initial’, says Kenny. ‘Somehow people who have an S.S. or an L.L. are clearer from beyond. As a result, they are always going to have spirits on their side. These stars will rise to the top quicker than their counterparts and bounce back after falls. They just have a little more luck about them.’

So convinced is he of this phenomenon that he helped to persuade screen legend Marilyn Monroe to stick with her stage name.

Kenny remembers, ‘She really wanted to change her name and told me she was sick of hearing crowds scream 'Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe.

‘She wanted guidance from the spirit world, as she did on many things. I refused to help because I knew they wouldn't. She got very angry and threw something at me, so I left. She later called to apologise.’

Kenny claims to still speak with Marilyn, who he says is now drawn to our contemporary celebs with matching initials.

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