What is 'The Psychic Light'?

Psychic light is most commonly referred to in visualisation, healing and protective purposes. People looking to cleanse their psychic energies are told to visualise a white light that burns negativity from their psyches, while healers often channel white light to facilitate healing conditions for their subjects. Those who are looking to protect themselves from psychic attack are often told to create themselves a psychic shield, created from white light. In psychic terms, it appears that white light is one of the most potent forces available to someone with supernatural abilities and one that most people have access to. But what exactly is this 'psychic light' and how does it work?

The Origins of White Light

The idea of white light isn’t a new one and we can trace its origins to countless religions and faith systems across the world. However, the one that seems to have the most in common with psychic, religious and faith system beliefs belongs to Hindu metaphysical tradition. While this cannot strictly be said to be part of a religious belief, it has formed the basis for a number of faith systems and, consequently, there are variations on the theme.

However, there are also a number of set and accepted precepts behind the phenomenon of the white light that has been embraced by the psychic community. In order to understand what the white light is, we first need to look at the chakra system, in its constituent parts.

According to the chakra system, we have hundreds of chakras inside us, but there are seven that carry the most weight. The word ‘chakra’ means ‘wheel’ or ‘vortex’ and this describes whirling discs of energy that are thought to be the centres of our psychic and physical abilities. These discs do not create energy as such; they are thought to allow energy to flow around our physical and higher selves.

As a result, if a chakra becomes ‘blocked’ or imbalanced, energy will not flow freely to the right parts of our being, resulting in physical and psychic malaise. Meditation is used to restore balance to the chakras, along with exercise and ensuring that you eat the right food.

Chakras and Auras

Each chakra has its own colour and these manifests as light that radiates about 10 to 15cms from the body. There are those who believe that they can see these colours, which are revealed to them as ‘auras’. Aura readers believe that they can diagnose physical, mental and emotional problems through examining the condition of each colour that they can perceive.

There are seven main chakras that conduct energy through the body and they are located at specific points within the body, although they also exist on the psychic plane:

The Seven Chakras

1) The Base Chakra. As its name suggests, this chakra is located at the base of the spine. In psychic terms, it is the chakra that roots us to the physical plane, much like the ‘earth’ in an electrical circuit. It governs our feelings of self-esteem and sense of security. In addition, it governs part of our spinal health, so a blocked base chakra can result in lower back pain, bowel problems and depression. This chakra is represented by the colour red.

2) The Sacral Chakra. This is thought to be located in the abdomen, just behind the navel. The sacral chakra is the disc that regulates our emotional connection with the world around us, influencing our creativity and feelings of responsibility towards others. A blocked sacral chakra can manifest as urinary problems, abdominal pain and guilt. This chakra is represented by the colour orange.

3) The Solar Plexus Chakra. No prizes for guessing where this one’s located. It is the home of the ego and our intuitive abilities; our ‘gut feelings’. A blocked solar plexus chakra can manifest as stomach problems, liver ailments and low self-esteem and indecisiveness. This chakra is represented by the colour yellow.

4) The Heart Chakra. Again, the name explains the location. As you might suspect, the heart chakra governs our capacity for emotional love. However, on the physical plane, a blocked heart chakra can be indicative of heart disease, lung problems and issues with the upper spine. On a spiritual level, it has a profound effect on our capacities for compassion and forgiveness. This chakra is represented by the colour green.

5) The Throat Chakra. Located just where you think it is, this chakra guides our abilities to communicate and express ourselves. It also guides our willpower and ability to recognise and embrace the truth, when we most need to. If blocked, the energies flowing through this chakra can result in voice or throat problems, addiction and a lack of authority. This chakra is represented by the colour blue.

6) The Third Eye Chakra. This chakra is located between our physical eyes and is thought to govern our ability to separate fantasy from reality and our capacity to achieve wisdom. A blocked third eye chakra can be indicative of brain tumours, blindness and mental disorders. This chakra is represented by the colour violet.

7) The Crown Chakra. This chakra is perceived as a disc of white light. Anyone with the faintest memory of classroom physics should remember that the colour white is made up of all the other colours of the spectrum – and the same is true of the chakras. This chakra governs our abilities to communicate with higher energies; to send and receive psychic energies that can be used to heal, protect and cleanse. It combines all of the governing abilities of the other chakras and blends them to form a clearer aspect of our higher selves.

Some choose to look at it as an embodiment of the soul, some prefer to see it as the doorway through which we can communicate with a god, while others see it as the channel through which psychic energy can flow. Regardless, white light seems universally recognised as the symbol of the ultimate combination of all our psychic and physical facets. While some may use it outside of its roots in the Hindu belief system, it always seems to follow similar precepts.


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