What happens during an online clairvoyant reading?

Clairvoyants are enjoying something of a renaissance – partly because they are now much easier to find. In the past, you’d have to hunt out someone who’d used a clairvoyant and get a recommendation from them. Today, you can simply jump online, pick a clairvoyant, check out their testimonials page and make your choice from there. In addition, they don’t even have to be local to offer you their services, and the vast majority of modern psychic readings take place over the telephone or the Internet. But what can you expect from an online clairvoyant reading?

What are Clairvoyants?

The first thing you should get familiar with is the term ‘clairvoyant', because it might not mean what you think it means. Clairvoyant, literally translated, means ‘clear seeing’ – and this is the key to what they do. Clairvoyants are people who can perceive things that are beyond the capacity of the ‘normal’ senses. Each clairvoyant will have his own strengths. Some may be able to see auras, some might be able to see or hear spirits and others may be able to perceive positive and negative energies. What many people tend to think is that clairvoyants are fortune-tellers and, while this isn’t entirely accurate, there is some truth to the notion.

Clairvoyants who can spot energy patterns - and intuitively perceive how those energies have and will affect you - can make predictions based on the repetitive elements within those patterns. While this isn’t an out-and-out prediction, it is a suggestion of what’s likely to take place if you follow a particular course. Clairvoyants who can read auras and perceive energy can also see how the energy of others affects you and can examine how your interactions and relationships are panning out.

You won’t necessarily get a short-cut to the future through using an online clairvoyant, but you will get a greater understanding of how you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it and the steps you can take to change that feeling for the better.

Online readings

So, what happens during an online reading? Thanks to the joys of webcams instant messenger and the telephone, you can have that psychic in your own home, without having them in your house at all! It’s worth remembering that online psychics are specialists within their fields; they are trained to be able to project their talents across great distances and make strong, psychic connections with their clients. To begin with, however, it’s all about logging on and, if there’s a fee, authorising the transaction so that you can begin. Once everything’s up and running, your chosen online clairvoyant will appear and the reading will begin.

But let’s rewind a little. Before you get to your computer, there are some things you can do to help things along. The first is to write and prioritise a list of questions to ask. It may be that you have only one to ask, in which case the psychic can devote the session to exploring that one. However, a skilled psychic will be able to come up with shorter answers, if you’ve got a few up your sleeve.

Setting the scene

Another thing to do is to choose your time wisely and set the scene. It’s no good trying to explore your subconscious if the kids keep barging in or your partner is yelling for their dinner. Choose a time when everyone’s out and, if possible, utilize a quiet room in your home. The less distractions you have, the easier things will be for both parties.

Possibly the most important aspect of a reading is the ability of the psychic to make a strong, psychic link with you – and this is something you can help with. As much as your online clairvoyant will be prepping and doing whatever they need to in order to project their psychic abilities, it won’t help if you’re not receptive at that particular time. Setting the scene is a great way to ensure that you are ready to receive those psychic energies, so making your space as ambient as possible can only help matters.

You might want to draw the curtains and light a few candles or light some incense sticks to tune your senses. Whatever works for you is worthwhile. Some people like to take a little time before the reading and meditate, using psychic cleansing exercises to ensure that they are as open as possible to receiving new energies.

First contact

Once you’ve made visual contact with your online clairvoyant, there might be a little chat before things get underway. This isn’t a time-wasting exercise; your chosen psychic will be stretching out their psychic tendrils to make contact with you. If they can see you through the webcam, it might speed things up a little but, to a good psychic it shouldn’t make much difference whether they can physically see you or not. You might go through some brief introductions and then, if the clairvoyant is worth his or her salt, they will explain to you what’s going to take place and how it’s all going to happen.

You’ll know intuitively when contact has been made. For most people, it’s simply a feeling that they are uncannily comfortable talking to this person. While you’re not going to experience voices in your head, some querents have reported flashes of imagery passing through their minds. Often, these appear to be random and unconnected – but it’s well worth letting your psychic know if it happens; they should be able to discern what it means.

Below the surface

On the surface, an online clairvoyant reading will look like chat between two people. However, it’s below the surface that all the important stuff’s going on. The clairvoyant will be listening to your questions and then using their abilities to look beyond our body language and vocal intonations and see what it is that’s at the heart of the matter. As a result, many users come away without having got the answer they thought they wanted, but with the answer they know they needed. Once the session’s over, the psychic link will be severed and you’ll be left with a feeling of peace and contentment – and something like a game plan.


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