What Your Coffee Says About You!

Body language experts Judi James and James Moore have just released a new book called The You Code, which reveals hidden meanings in your daily choices!

For example, if you like a decaf soy milk coffee, you’re a self-righteous eco-worrier and attention seeker who’s also squeamish in the bedroom. A black coffee drinker is a survivor and pretty direct while the more hardcore espresso drinker is moody, hard-bitten and hard working.

If you take a latte however, you’re an urban fashionista or –get this! – a teddy bear enthusiast and if that’s your boss, he’ll use a baby voice to tell you you’re fired. Right…

The book also reveals what your favourite TV shows, handbag and choice of turkey stuffing says about you.

James says: ‘(People) usually being by arguing they’re not as described but then colleagues/family/friends pitch in to let them know they are.


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