What Tarot Card Represents You Most?


The art of Tarot and the science of astrology have been deeply interlinked for hundreds of years. The Tarot deck has drawn on many different belief systems in its depictions and the Story of the Fool’s Journey, but its ties with western astrology are probably the ones that have remained most consistent. Just as the zodiac is based in the four elements of fire, earth, air and water, the suits of the Tarot are divided similarly, with each of the suits strongly associated with a particular element. Astrology is often ignored when Tarot readings are conducted, but knowing the basic elements of a star sign and the qualities of its corresponding card can help to give a reader greater insight into the personality traits of a querent and which paths they would be best to avoid. Knowing which cards are associated with which sign can also help someone to choose which card best represents them.


The Intuitive Answer


Intuition is a strong part of the Tarot; the reader uses their intuitive abilities to interpret the meanings behind a set of chosen cards and the querent intuitively selects the cards to be read. It is seen as an extension of the subconscious and suggests that no cards are drawn randomly. Instead, the subconscious purposely selects the cards that best represent the message it is trying to communicate. 


Many people feel strong associations to particular cards, perhaps intuiting that it is representative of their higher selves. Choosing the card that represents you simply through intuition is entirely valid. Not all Capricorns behave like Capricorns and, sometimes, you are your own best guide. However, it may be interesting to see just which card your star sign is associated with. Whether you use intuition or astrology to determine which card best represents you, that card is known as your ‘significator.’ Below is a list of the cards and their associated star-signs:


● The Knight of Wands: Sagittarius. People represented by this card tend to be very outspoken and sometimes blunt in their delivery. Although they are forward-thinking and can often be quite philosophical, they do not respond well to criticism and can ignore opinions in favour of their own. Those with this significator are often passionate, sensual beings that are open to new experiences.


● The Queen of Wands: Leo. These people tend to be extremely creative and often very talented. However, they are often aware of this and can be seen as arrogant or egocentric. People with this significator are very passionate, but often need to learn to focus their passions or they will become reckless and impulsive, dismissing the idea that their actions may have consequences. Despite this, they are also extremely affectionate and generous.


● The King of Wands: Aries. Energetic and confident, people who associate with this card may be seen by others as arrogant and independent. The truth is that they are happy to work with others, but even happier to work alone. While they are prone to occasional flares of temper, they tend not to bear grudges, preferring to move on as quickly as possible.


● The Knight of Chalices: Pisces. This card represents someone who is very in tune with their emotions, but who is also hypersensitive and can find situations overwhelming if not rooted to the ground. Around others, these people are facilitators, using their uncanny insight to help others realise their inner potential. Knights of this suit are eternally romantic, sometimes to a fault, but can also be seen as impractical thinkers.


● The Queen of Chalices: Scorpio. Those who associate with this card are deep and spiritual people, who are often drawn to the darker side of human nature. They often have charisma in abundance, but it only serves to make them appear more mysterious; they are not very adept at sharing their feelings until they fully trust someone. The cool, calm façade they present often masks a lake of bubbling insecurity, which is why they can react so vehemently if they are provoked.


● The King of Chalices: Cancer. The King of this suit represents those who are deeply intuitive, but constant worriers. It takes them a long tome to trust but, once they do, those on the list are treasured. People who associate with this card place huge importance on their home lives, often prioritising it over career and social decisions. They are loyalty incarnate and the first to leap to the defence of their friends.


● The Knight of Daggers: Taurus. These people are practical and pragmatic and tend to weigh up the consequences of their words and deeds before they commit to them. As a result, they can appear slow, but once they have decided upon a course of action, they will pursue it with unwavering determination. People associated with this card are strong, reliable types.


● The Queen of Daggers: Virgo. The trait most associated with these people is the constant search for perfection. They are very discerning and very intelligent and love to get involved in stimulating debates, in which they are able to display their innate understanding of logic. Although they may favour functionality over aesthetics, these people do have a ‘fun’ side, which can come out at unexpected moments.


● The King of Daggers: Libra. As you might expect, these people are very well-balanced and in tune with both their positive and negative qualities. As a result, they are very good judges of character. This card represents people who are fair-minded, are mindful of the law and can attack tasks with an almost-military discipline. They are always mindful of others, often allowing their needs to come before their own.


● The Knight of Coins: Capricorn. Knights of this sign are often very well motivated and ambitious. Their strengths lie in their practical approaches to their careers and financial matters, although they can often be justly accused of being workaholics. Because they are so dedicated to their goals, any failure to reach them can be felt almost as a body blow and lead to crushing bouts of insecurity and depression.


● The Queen of Coins: Aquarius. People who resonate with this card often feel they are driven by a higher purpose, and that it is their duty to create something a little divine here on earth. They can be extremely charitable, undertaking favours for others, but genuinely expecting nothing in return. Although they are optimistic in nature, they can suffer from the feeling that they are never fully in control of their lives.


● The King of Coins: Gemini. These people are often gifted communicators and natural diplomats; they have a knack for knowing just what to say and when to say it. Often, they have an expansive knowledge about a variety of subjects, but are prone to tiring themselves out in their never-ending quest to prove themselves.


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