What Does Your Face Say About You?

Face Reading is the fascinating practice of learning about someone’s personality by studying their facial features. All sorts of character traits can be revealed, from intelligence levels to emotional maturity and from ideal career choices to likes and dislikes.

Specialist website The Face Reader offers an insight into the technique and the chance to get your own personalised reading. There’s also a celebrity section that delves into the secrets behind the faces of the rich and famous, revealing that…

  • Nicole Kidman’s low-set eyebrows mean she isn’t afraid to call a spade a spade
  • Hugh Grant’s asymmetrical eyes reveal he should be more picky with his choice of friends
  • Kylie’s high and wide forehead reveal she is highly intelligent and creative
  • The strong under tip of Paris Hilton’s nose suggests a calculating nature
  • Tom Cruise’s angular face means he has a daring and death-defying attitude both on the film set and in real life.

 Find out more at www.facereader.com

  • Money, money, money: The third and final part!

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  • Money, money, money: Part 2!

    I blogged recently about how I’m trying to look for positives when it comes to the credit crunch, and I’ve found another one! The past few months have made me realise just how great it is doing free things.

    19 November 2008

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