Want to live longer? Start hanging out with your colleagues!

Forget getting chummy with your boss, a new study has shown that getting along with your workmates could help you live longer.

A new study by lead researcher Dr Arie Shirom from the Tel Aviv University has shown that people with good social relationships with their peers at work had a lower risk of morality, whereas a positive relationship with your boss or senior authority had no effect at all.

The study of 820 men and women shows that the link between a positive workmate relationship and the risk of mortality was most notable amonst females, whereas male longevity in the workplace was increased by control and decision authority.

Obviously this all depends on the workload of the employee, as Dr. Arie Shirom admitted they did not have data on changes in workload or support during the research period. In his defence he said 'Still, we argue that other researchers have consistently found that the job characteristics of workload, control and support tend to be stable across time.'

So its time to stop putting off workmate catch-ups - add your collegues on Facebook and get your RSVP’s in for those after-work events!

Here are 5 ways to improve on your work relationships to get you started-

1. Be positive- being a positive person makes you easier to talk to and nicer to be around, it also reflects in your work too!
2. Organise after-work drinks- a glass of wine at your local takes you out of the office enviroment and gets you talking about things other than spreadsheets and emails.
3. Help out where you can- instead of spending your down time shopping online, ask your colleagues if they need any help with their projects. Even if they say no they will appreciate you asking and hopefully return the favour.
4. Listen more- when people tell you about what they are doing on the weekend, actually listen to what they are saying and ask questions. This shows that you’re interested and not just asking to be nice.
5. Say hi in the corridor- a simple gesture that makes a big difference.

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