Viva Las Vegas!

Las Vegas has a reputation as one of the most fast-paced, fun and fake places in the world. Having just returned from a week in the gambling mecca, I can only say that reputation is well-deserved.

The unreal nature of Las Vegas means that, as a holiday destination, it can provide complete escapism from the worries of everyday life. I guess it helped that I was over there for a lovely wedding - which made the city seem not only crazy but also charming - but I enjoyed one of the most relaxing breaks I’ve ever been on.

Like most visitors to Las Vegas, we stayed in one of the large, landmark hotels and were greeted by the flashing lights and high-pitched noises of the hundreds slot machines the minute we walked into the lobby. No picturesque sea views in Las Vegas; we looked out of our high-rise hotel room window to the bonkers sight of the famous Vegas strip.

And yet, I came back from the 7-night trip feeling I’d been away for weeks. My purse may have been a little lighter than when I went (due to shopping rather than gambling) but my head is still full of amazing memories that are worth every single cent.

And next time I go away, rather than heading for the warmest beach, I’ll try the less obvious choice. When I’m lying in the sun with nothing to do, I find my mind wanders back to the stresses of home and I start to worry. In Vegas, though, you don’t get time to think - you just enjoy yourself. Which is precisely why, money permitting, I’ll be heading back out there for New Year’s Eve!

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