Vedic Astronomy – East Meets West

While both Western astrology and Vedic astrology are both methods of predicting the future for those born under particular signs from the zodiac, the similarities pretty much end here. But which system is the better to subscribe to?



Western astrology was developed between two and three thousand years ago, by the Ancient Greeks and Babylonians. It focuses on the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. With the Sun being the centre of the solar system, predictions are made in relation to the distances between it and the Tropics of Capricorn and Cancer at any given time of year. In some circles, Western astrology is known as Tropical astrology. The zodiac represents 12 constellations that are said to govern the personality traits and habits of those born under them.


Vedic astrology is much older and is mentioned in the Vedas; ancient spiritual texts from the Hindu religion, which are estimated to be between five and eight thousand years old. However, there is renewed interest in this particular method of divination. It pays much more attention to the positioning of the planets at the time of someone’s birth and also takes into account the position of the Earth, which changes due to shifts in its orbit of the sun. As with Western astrology, there are 12 signs to the zodiac, but the signs govern different parts of the year in comparison. As a rough guide, under this zodiac, you are likely to be counted under the sign previous to your Western sign.


East vs. West

Each system has its benefits. Western astrology is more concerned with highlighting an individual’s psychological traits than it is about predicting the future. Vedic astrology gives equal weight to both aspects, but can also give an insight into the subject’s Karmic nature’ charting how they will develop spiritually as well as mentally. This form of astrology is also said to be more specific about events to come than Western astrology could ever be. Of the two, the Vedic system is the more practical, worrying less about identifying someone’s character traits but being preoccupied with the pragmatic details of someone’s life. 

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