Valentines Day

It’s the most romantic day of the year, but Valentines Day often strikes fear into the heart of couples everywhere. The whats, wheres and whens of romancing a loved one can be extremely stressful but thankfully we have some useful astrological tips on how to woo a loved one this Valentines Day...

Fact: Casanova was an Aries, and we think you know what that means! Aries are frisky little lambs with active love lives, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a bit of wining and dining in the process.

Taureans like nothing more than to indulge and what is Valentines Day for if not that? Shower them with flowers, chocolates, surprise holidays or, best of all, affection.

Ruled by mischievous Mercury, excitable Geminis like to be surprised, and thanks to their 'split' personality they’ll love anything from the ridiculous to the sublime.

It’s no coincidence that Cancer the crab has a hard shell and soft innards. Cancereans might appear crotchety and cold, but give them all the love and attention they need and you’ll be rewarded ten fold.

Firey Leos are passionate and enjoy lavishing affection on those they love. Generous to a fault, they’re often the givers and want nothing more in return than a fun night with good company.

Analytical and fussy, Virgos won’t let on that they expect anything this Valentines Day, but woe betide those that don’t make an effort. Think mind stimulation and the rest will follow.

Beauty to a Libra is all in the balance of brain and body. Something simple like good food with good conversation is ideal, but Librans aren’t hot on initiative so someone else had better have booked the table!

Less is more when wooing the mysterious Scorpio, and if you scratch beneath the seemingly chilly surface, there’s a deeply sensual aspect to the sign that’s sure to come out with the right encouragement.

Jovial and clumsy, Sagittarians wants to add a pinch of salt to all this lovey-dovey Valentines business, so bucket loads of humour and outrageous romantic gestures will appeal.

Prone to more than a bit of pessimism, Capricorns actually delight in being flowered with affection, although being the stubborn old goats they are, they’ll never admit to it!

While they long for freedom and fear being tied down, Aquarians take comfort in strength and stability. Always full of beans this airy fairy sign will enjoy something a little off-the-wall this Valentines Day. Bungee jump anyone?

These fishy folk are dreamy, driven and forward-thinking. Ruled by all-encompassing Jupiter, the grander the gesture, the happier the Piscean this Valentines Day.

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