Using Tarot Cards for Personal Development

People seek out Tarot card readers on a daily basis, face to face or through online readings. However, many seekers are often approaching readers for the wrong reasons, looking for specific answers to specific questions. The Tarot deck offers a broader approach to the obstacles we face in life, with the focus firmly on the person seeking the answers, for we are all the masters of our own destinies.

Personal Development

For some, the Tarot can become a crutch - seekers come to depend on it to make both important and trivial decisions on a daily basis. However, this is not using the Tarot to its true potential and rather than aiding personal development, can hamper it. Those who believe the Tarot can answer all of life’s problems are asking the wrong questions.

Getting the Most from the Cards

The cards are there to be used in times of psychic confusion. This is not to say that there has to be a crisis in order to seek a reading - it simply means that the cards are there to be used whenever you feel the need to attune to your higher self and develop a greater awareness of your purpose. This feeling may be more prevalent when there are problems to be solved, but it is equally valid to seek inner harmony as part of your self-development, whether you are in crisis or not. It is also important to remember that you, the questioner, are the focus of your questions. 

Questions must be asked in a positive way. Rather than asking questions such as “when will this situation resolve itself”, a better question is to ask “how can I help this situation resolve itself”. By acknowledging your role in the lives of those around you and the responsibilities you have, you are already taking the first step towards psychic fulfilment. 

However, in making these acknowledgements, you must also be prepared to receive unexpected advice from the cards. The cards, in trying to help you understand more about yourself, are bound to highlight obstacles that you are putting in front of yourself. You may find that negative aspects of your character are revealed, pointing to unresolved issues in the past. However, this is a positive step in itself, as self-development is about understanding your strengths and weaknesses on all levels and focussing on how to use them positively and with grace.

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