Using Astrology To Chart Your Career

Changing your job or making a career move is often a big decision, even more so in the current economic climate. Jobs are scarce and jumping ship could well be seen as an unpremeditated leap into darkness. However, at certain times, these decisions are beyond our control because the paths we tread are often governed by the influences of the planets, particularly those that are associated with the time of our birth.

The decision can be thrust upon us in the form of redundancy or personal problems. Alternatively, it might be that our current career becomes untenable through financial constraints. At times like these, or if we are considering a career change, using astrology can give you a better insight into what is to come and what course of action we might be best advised to take.

The Sun and the Stars

The personality of a person can play an important part in deciding what job they are best suited to, which is why careers are such a major feature of our birth or ‘natal’ charts. Astrology can give you a good idea as to which jobs you are most or least likely to succeed in, working in accordance with the strengths and weaknesses of your character, as determined by the positions of the stars.

 One of the most important aspects in shaping your destiny is the position of the sun at the time of your birth. The sun has a powerful influence in shaping our general personality and behavioural traits, and you are likely to hear this referred to quite often in a reading. The sun is perceived as the ruler of all planets, so anyone with the sun featuring strongly in their chart is likely to achieve a position of power within their chosen field. Leo is very much a sun sign and Leos with the sun ascendant can expect to work their way up in their profession, to become leaders and figures of authority. However, other planets also have their roles to play:

The Planets and their Influences

● Mars. This planet is traditionally associated with aggression, assertiveness and warlike traits. Those with Mars in their sign tend to be best suited towards careers in the army, the police force or even as engineers. With its associations towards fire and heat, a career in the fire service is also a strong potential.

 ●Mercury. This sign signifies strong communicative abilities and is significantly present in the signs of Virgo and Gemini. Those with Mercury in their sign tend to lean towards careers that rely on their intellectual abilities, such as authors, public orators, journalists, auditors and accountants. However, those born with a significant presence of Mercury in their lives tend to shy away from the spotlight, preferring a more behind-the-scenes role, such as health workers or relationship counselling.

 ● Jupiter. This planet, present for many Pisceans and Sagittarians, hints at leanings toward the spiritual or, conversely, the eminently practical. Many Pisceans find themselves drawn to careers that have a divine quality to them, such as show business or work within religious circles. Often, they are careers that will involve an artistic aspect and many painters, sculptors and poets are born under this sign. Sagittarians with Jupiter in their natal sign tend to go the other way, finding themselves naturally suited to work in business, financial institutions or as entrepreneurs.

 ● Venus. This sign is typically representative of love, beauty and the voice. Those born with Venus prevalent in their signs are drawn towards careers that have some investment in aesthetics. Venusians are usually found to be singers, beauty therapists, fashion designers, models or actors. They prefer an environment where they can create something a little divine in the physical realm and the artistic environment suits their perfectionist personalities.

 ● Saturn. This planet governs those who have no fear of hard work. Born with Saturn in your sign, you’re likely to be one of the front-line workers of your chosen industry. It might be that you work as a labourer, farmer or even applying your dedication to becoming a dynamic estate agent.

● Uranus. Those born with this planet in their sign tend not to be followers. A strong part of Uranus is the need to assert your own identity and follow your own path. As a result, many people born under this planet’s influences tend towards careers where they can get on with things in their own time. Scientific researchers, writers and business owners tend to be career choices for those with this planet in their natal charts.

 ● Neptune. This is the planet of inspiration and illusion. Those born under this planet’s influences often lean towards careers where the visual aspect is strong, such as graphic design, entertainment and work with artistic mediums. However, it is also the planet of selflessness and there are many teachers, counsellors and psychologists with this planet featuring strongly in their natal charts.

 ● The Moon. This planet signifies a strong emotional quality in a person and, as a result, people born with the Moon in their natal chart often crave environments where they are openly appreciated. Consequently, these individuals often find themselves working in the arts, perhaps as actors, film directors or dancers. They have a natural empathy, but are prone to insecurity, which seems to be a perquisite for anyone wanting a career in show-business!

In order to see how you will progress and which career is best suited to you, an astrologist will have to look back through your chart to see if there are any identifiable patterns in which you are influenced by the planets. Once these have been spotted, they should then be able to come up with an accurate picture of the paths you are likely to take and which will be the best for you. However, astrology, whilst it can be accurate, is not an exact science and although we are influenced by the heavenly bodies, we still have free will in all matters. Ultimately, the choice will be yours to make.

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