Tuning Into The Tarot – How To Begin Reading For Yourself And Your friends

The Tarot can be an exciting and enlightening tool. It offers you the chance to explore the hidden reaches of your psyche and to offer your friends advice and insight on how they can begin to shape the destinies they desire. However, as with any new skill, learning to understand the subtleties of the Tarot takes a little commitment and a lot of practice.

Your Deck...

To begin with, you will need to buy a Tarot deck. The style and choice of deck are entirely up to you, but it might be best to begin with a deck that offers clear and simple depictions, rather than some of the more ornate ones that are available. There are many websites reviewing Tarot cards for their usability, so do use the Internet as a research tool. Once you have your deck, you will need to learn the meanings of each card, each Arcanum and how to apply them. The best way to do this is to buy a book with your cards. The best books are those that help you learn through using the cards, as opposed to simply learning them, parrot-fashion. Intuition will teach you that while the cards may mean one thing to the author, they may mean something else to you.

...And How to Use It

While you are learning the differences between the cards, there are a few exercises you can follow to help you gain greater insight. The best of these approaches is the ‘card a day’ method. At the beginning of each day, you draw a new card, research its meaning and allow that to be the guide for your energies for that day. Through doing this, you will not only learn the meanings, but you may grasp an understanding of just how nuanced and subtle these meanings can be. Once you feel you are familiar with the cards, you can undertake your first reading. To begin, you are best to use close friends or test your powers on yourself. Do not be afraid to consult handbooks in these early stages; part of becoming a good reader is understanding your limits and knowing when you have reached them.

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