Trust your instincts - how Tarot cards can shine a light on those 'gut feelings'.

One of the most important abilities for any Tarot reader is to be able to tune into and listen to their intuition - those gut feelings that tell us instinctively when something is right or wrong. Intuition is a vital part in ensuring the quality of the advice and messages from the cards you impart. However, if you feel that you’re not quite in touch with your intuitive abilities yet, don’t panic. The cards can help you develop that sense and you’ll be able to incorporate it into your readings.

Choosing a Deck

You can start to tap into your intuitive abilities right from the word go. You can use this ability to help you choose which deck to read from. If you don’t own more than one deck, then take your intuition for a walk and let it help you choose one. While the meanings behind each of the cards are pretty uniform, regardless of the deck, the artwork and symbols can vary wildly. Each of these can resonate differently with different people and enhance the depth of meaning you can glean from a reading. It’s like owning a suit shop and being able to offer bespoke suits; sometimes a client will intuitively know which deck of cards is the best for them and, at other times, you’ll intuitively know. Take a look around your local arcane shop or go online and see which decks ‘speak’ to you the loudest.

Choosing a Spread

There are countless different spreads for Tarot cards and each one has its own purposes. You might find that, when faced with a particular person, a certain spread pops into the forefront of your mind; it just seems the most appropriate. Roll with it; there are no right or wrong spreads to use, but each one can have an effect on the way the messages in the cards are interpreted. Feelings such as these demonstrate that you are developing a ‘connection’ with your craft and you should listen to them. The greater your connection with the Tarot, the more perceptive your readings will be.

Refusing a Reading

Reading for others comes with its own responsibilities and it is here that your intuitive abilities can really come to the fore. More often than not, those who seek out the services of a reader have reached an impasse in their lives. They may be vulnerable, they may be on the verge of a life-changing decision or they may be seeking answers that the rest of the world seems unable to provide. The responsibility you have as a reader is to deal with each case on its own merits and approach it with healing and empowerment in mind.

But you might find that on being asked to do a reading for someone that your gut tells you that it’s not what they need right now. In that instance it’s your responsibility to turn them down. It doesn’t have to be rude or confrontational; you can simply say that you don’t have your cards or that you’re unable to connect with them at that moment. It might help to have a list of readers to recommend up your sleeve. Just because you don't feel comfortable doing a reading doesn't mean that somebody else will feel the same. But you should never feel guilty about refusing a reading; your intuition might be telling you that you can’t offer them what they need, that they simply won’t benefit or that they could become a negative part of your life. However your gut responds, listen to it.

However, you may also feel that, while a reading could be a good idea, the timing is wrong. It might be that you are in an emotional state or that the client is not in the right 'head space'. Whatever your feelings on the matter, it’s important to give them consideration. You can be honest and let your client know that now is not the best time; that you won’t be able to offer them your best at this moment in time. Readings can be rescheduled for when you are both in a more receptive frame of mind.

Money Matters

One area in which your instinct can really help you out is in the matter of money. Some readers believe that it’s wrong to charge for a reading, where others are happy to place a definite value on their services. Again, your instinct can guide you through these waters. You might want to set a fee, but allow your intuition to guide you in certain situations. It might be that your intuition tells you that a particular client shouldn’t pay the full tariff or that they shouldn’t be charged at all. Your intuitive skills will tell you more about someone than your simple senses can, so be sure to pay attention to the messages that are coming through from your subconscious.

Intuition and Readings

It’s no understatement to say that the area in which your intuition will be most regularly used is in readings themselves. Whilst you are talking to your client, before a reading, your intuitive antennae will be soaking up all the unconscious data they are transmitting. This will be used when you come to decipher the messages that the cards are offering them; your intuition will tell you how best to phrase them or deliver them and even if there are bits that ought to be omitted. It will also help you to understand which parts of the cards’ stories are most pertinent to your client. If you were to just read out the relevant part of the Fool’s Journey, your services would be little better than automated ones. Your intuition will let you know what the message behind the cards means to that particular person, taking into account their character, their emotional and spiritual states and the specific circumstances under which they have come to see you.

Intuition is one of the cornerstones of a Tarot reading and it’s something that we are all born with. While you might feel that your abilities aren’t fully developed yet, you’ll find that, as you use the cards, its capacity to communicate with you will evolve and become more powerful.


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