Tracey Emin On Ghosts

Tracey Emin has spoken out about her fear of the dark and how her childhood nights were plagued by visions of ghostly apparitions.

In her column in The Independent, the infamous British artist describes how she could sense spiritual forces entering her room, and even tried warding them off by jamming wires from a plug into the socket.

Tracey says: ‘We weren’t supposed to be left alone, but sometimes we were. I don’t know whether my real fear was that of being alone, or whether the fear created some kind of psychic attack, but the psychic ghostly apparitions have never seemed to leave. The darker, the quieter the room, the more chance there is of something spiritually entering it’.

Many psychics are also mediums and clairvoyants, which means that they use a meditative or trance-like state to channel psychic energies and answer your spiritual questions.

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