The etiquette of communicating with the other side

If you are considering inviting a medium into your home to contact someone who has passed into the spirit realm, you may be unsure as to what the correct etiquette is. Both you and your chosen medium want the best from your time together, so there are a few simple guidelines which, if you follow them, should help you to achieve that.

● Create the right environment. Contacting someone who has passed away could be an emotional experience for you and could well be quite strenuous for the medium. Choose the quietest area of your home in which to conduct the session, removing anything that may serve to distract, such as clocks. It may also be prudent to disconnect your telephone and switch your mobile off; anything that interrupts may serve to sever the link between the medium and the spirit.

●To help the medium focus, you may want to bring items or photographs into the room, which are related to the person you are trying to contact. Many mediums can pick up on residual vibrations left in items handled by the deceased and this can help them to narrow their search in the spirit realm.

●During the session, you should remain respectful and quiet at all times. Not only are you showing respect for the medium, but you must show respect fort he spirit you are also inviting into your home. Without doubt, the medium will encourage you to speak about the person to be contacted and possibly ask you questions during the connection phase but otherwise, you should remain quiet. A psychic link is difficult to establish and constant questioning or fidgeting can make it even harder.

Most of the etiquette in a session of this sort is down to common sense. You should welcome both the medium and the spirit into your home in a friendly, respectful manner and give them room to interact without distraction. Your medium may bring items with him to help focus his gifts or may request that you light candles and dim the lights. At all times, you should treat your medium as a respected friend, for they need to feel as comfortable as you do.

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