The Year of the Dragon



Of all the 12 Chinese zodiac representations, only one is a mythical creature. A powerful symbol in both Chinese mythology and around the world, the Dragon is one of the most auspicious and potent signs, regarded as the harbinger of great change, fortune and luck. So what's in store for the world as we enter the Year of the Dragon?

2012 is the year of the Water Dragon, bringing a calming influence on this usually fearless and often ferocious creature. So while there still may be great changes around the world, the consequences of them will not be as far reaching or as dramatic. Water Dragons tend to take a step back and evaluate the situation, and that is certainly true of our current global situation. Around the world, governments and their people are reassessing what it means to be part of the human race, with uprisings against dictatorships and the fight against the ever increasing gap between rich and poor high on the agenda. In the US it's election year, and the Dragon's influence could make it a close-run contest between the two parties.

A friend for life

Dragons are intensely loyal, and this year could see some strong alliances being formed between nations that previously stood apart. A period of consolidation is indicated and the result of this could be greater political stability in countries that have suffered the ravages of conflict over the past few years. A greater understanding between cultures could also lead to a reduction in hostilities, as people around the world come to realise that there are bigger problems to address.

The Year of the Dragon will no doubt be an eventful one - the Dragon hates stagnation and embraces change. But the influence of the Water Dragon means that change may be slower than many would like, and that it will be a year of stabilisation rather than dramatic steps forward. However, this lays the ground for steady progress towards a greater unity and harmony, bringing balance and fortune back to the world. The Dragon's influence could be just what we all need to take a few months to recover from the turmoil of the last few years and build strong foundations for a better future.

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