The Significance Of Gemstones


For thousands of years, cultures across the world have revered the beauty and even the supposedly magical properties of gemstones. This belief of the mystical powers of gemstones has followed us right up to modern times and is even thought to reflect the personality of the wearer. For example, someone who favours rubies might be passionate and hot blooded, while the cool tranquillity of a sapphire might speak of a person who is calm under pressure.

Most people are aware that certain gemstones are associated with particular star signs, but the list we always see cited next to our star signs doesn't have its roots in the ancient past. In fact, the most commonly referred to list of birthstones only dates back to 1912 and was compiled by the American National Association of Jewellers. The reason for this was that for years, a certain amount of confusion surrounded which gemstones were associated with each star sign.

Older associations

The standard 'star sign' list of gemstones is not the only one, however. The 'Traditional' list is often seen alongside the more modern catalogue of gemstones and dates back to the 15th Century, while lists from Tibet and the Indian subcontinent go back over a thousand years.

The connection between the elemental nature of gemstones and the power associated with them gives both precious and semi-precious stones their own mythology. Every gemstone is believed to have its own particular properties, energy and even luck. For example, some people believe that opals are unlucky unless they are designated as your specific birthstone and bring misfortune, while turquoise is believed to attract money, success and love and can protect the wearer.

The important thing to consider when choosing a gemstone is that it 'feels' right. Simply holding a stone in your hand allows you to tune into the vibrations of the stone and decide whether you have an affinity with it or not. The belief is that the energy of the stone will resonate with your own, and if it's in tune then you will instinctively know that it's the right one for you. Whatever your birthstone, gems resonate with our passions, our beliefs and our more spiritual aspects - and they look pretty too!

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