The Science of Dating

‘The appliance of dating science’ is a new book by American anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher.

According to Fisher we can improve our chances at finding love if we learn to understand the role hormones play in determining our personalities.

Fisher has spent 30 years studying relationships and romance in over 40 countries and has reached the conclusion that we are all one of four types:
Explorers, Directors, Negotiators and Builders.

Directors for example have high levels of testosterone and are logical, focused and decisive. Negotiators on the other hand are fuelled by oestrogen and are better at empathising with others.

The hormones not only affect your character, they can also determine what food you like and which sport you take up. If you were cooked dinner by an Explorer chances are chicken or fish would be on the menu.

The anthropologist has even become scientific adviser to the online dating website
“understand the four types and learn how to connect with each of them” says Fisher. “Once you know how other people work, the more people you meet the better.”

Why Him, Why Her? by Dr Helen Fisher is published by Oneworld, £12.99

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