The Psychic Gardener - How To Tune Into The Seasons

There are few things in life as sitting in a well-tended garden. Whether it’s been deliberately allowed to run a little wild or is organised into ranks of particular plants, it gives us a chance to relax and observe nature at work. However, as all gardeners will know, looking after a garden can be hard work. But if it is approached at a spiritual level, gardening can be seen as a chance to really connect with the Earth and even awaken our psychic abilities to such a point that we can tune into the changing of the seasons, both accurately and constructively.

 The Powers of Nature

From the first subsistence gardens of over 7,000 years ago to the devotional gardens of the 17th Century and the modern ‘show’ gardens of today, mankind has always enjoyed the process of harnessing the powers of Mother Nature and witness growth. By taking the time to observe your garden and seeing the interplay between the plants, insects and animals, you will be able to transform it into a microcosm of cyclical nature. In return, you can enjoy produce, flowers and a space in which you can tune into the powers of the natural world.

How does your garden grow?

Before you begin, you should consider what it is you want from your garden, Is it a place in which you want to meditate? Do you want to use it to return something to the Earth? It might be that you want to use it to remember someone or a lost pet. Whatever you reasons are, consider them as they will have an effect on what you plant and how you maintain it. Whilst you are having these thoughts, take a look at how your garden operates. Are there butterflies and bees? Are some aspects more in shadow than others? Is there too much grass or too much stone?

 In many ways, the way in which your garden grows is reflective of your inner state. A wild and unkempt garden suggests that you are not nurturing our spiritual side as much as you could, whilst a regimented, perfectly-ordered garden might suggest that you are trying to exercise too much control in your own life and it might be time to introduce some fun and spontaneity. In deciding what you want from your garden, ask yourself what it is you want from your life.

 Being natural with nature

The process of gardening is a simple process of giving and receiving; the fundaments of many religions and faiths. You can enrich the soil with compost, prepare the compost with leftovers, protect flowers by pruning them and encourage growth by cutting back. Gardening is the perfect environment in which to understand that the things we do have long-lasting effects, whether they are positive or negative. Water a plant and it will grow, throw weed killer on it and it will wither. There are plenty of methods of gardening, but the best way to tune into nature and observe how it works is to be as ‘green’ as possible. Avoid chemicals such as pesticides and try to find natural solutions to your problems. For example if your roses have greenfly then introduce ladybirds rather than spraying them with pesticides. The more natural remedies you use, the greater the reward you will get.

 However, there is one aspect of gardening that is entirely beyond our control and one that many gardeners fear; the changing of the seasons. Hard winters and dry summers can decimate plants, unravelling all your hard work. If only there was a way in which we could predict what the seasons are going to bring…

Tuning into the seasons

 In truth, there is no hard and fast way to guarantee what the weather’s going to be tomorrow, especially with the climate being as temperamental as it has been in recent years. However, there is a simple way in which we can get a sense of what is going to come: spend as much time in your garden as possible and invest yourself entirely.

 The longer you spend working in your environment, the sooner you will be able to understand the various languages at work there. By paying good and proper attention to each plant and observing closely the wildlife that has made its home there, you will get a good idea of what is likely to happen, weather-wise. Most particularly, you will become more attuned to the seasons.

 While it may sound like simple common sense, there is more to this than meets the eye. Certainly, your conscious mind will identify certain things that need attention, such as which plants need water or dead-heading. However, your subconscious mind will be continually exposed to a natural orchestra, such as the types of birdsong, the flying of the ants, the blooming of particular flowers, the dew on spider’s webs and the presence of caterpillars.

 While you may register these on a conscious level, your subconscious will store the information on a deeper and more profound level, spotting the subtle changes between each event. Slowly but surely, your psychic awareness will be providing you with ‘gut feelings’ about whether autumn is coming early or whether it will be a dry summer. All that is required from you is that you fully embrace your little kingdom and immerse yourself in the life it holds.

 Many respected gardeners seem to have an instinct as to what they should prepare for next. In reality, this is because gardening is part of their soul and part of their psychic makeup. Your subconscious responds and reacts to the environment that surrounds you. High calibre gardeners eat, sleep and breathe gardening, so that it is ingrained into every aspect of their being. And it’s not all about hard work; even when you’re soaking up the beauty of the backdrop you’ve created, your subconscious will be dedicated to translating the babble of sights, sounds and smells into a constructive approach for the future.

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