The Power of Touch

Ever wondered why certain objects evoke strong memories and emotions when you pick them up? You may not be alone in experiencing a phenomena known as Psychometry.

Certain individuals have a psychic ability which allows them to tap into the vibrational energy emitting from objects. They then experience visions, feelings and emotions about that objects history.

For example, upon touching an antique wedding ring you may be able to smell the perfume or see the face of it’s previous owner. .Psychometry isn’t limited to one impression per object. A psychic may experience multiple visions from one item from times in its history. Antiques, old family heirlooms and relics can provoke strong reactions from those with the power.
However the power is not restricted to the past. It’s been found to be a useful skill in finding missing persons, or lost pets.

So next time your looking around your local antiques market remember to spend time looking at and picking up some of the goods. You never know what you might discover!

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