The Octopus Oracle

An octopus is making waves in psychic circles with his spot-on World Cup predictions!

Paul the octopus lives in the Sea Life aquarium in Oberhausen, Germany and has already made a name for himself with an 80% success rate in predicting the results of the 2008 European Championship.

Now Paul has gone a step further, keeping a completely clean sheet throughout the World Cup by forecasting the outcome of Germany's three games correctly.

And if you're wondering how an octopus makes predictions, here's how: Paul simply chooses a snack from one of two boxes containing tasty treats like mussels, each decorated with one of the teams' flags!

For more on Paul, his psychic reading powers and his predictions, head for:

  • Come on, England!

    Want to help England win the World Cup? Just use your extra-sensory powers! The English football team’s World Cup performances have been disappointing so far, but one British psychic is urging fans to use meditation to help the team.

    23 June 2010

  • Brad Pitt: a spiritual star

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  • Tori Spelling's psychic encounter

    When actress Tori Spelling tried to contact her father through a medium, she was surprised to get through to late Charlie's Angels star, Farrah Fawcett, instead! In a recent interview, Tori revealed that she'd been attempting to contact her father Aaron Spelling, who produced Charlie's Angels, when Farrah, who died almost a year ago, came through instead.

    18 June 2010

  • Michael Jackson: Spirit guide?

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  • Physicist claims UFOs are real

    One of the US' most prominent nuclear physicists has gone on record to claim that UFOs and aliens are real. And since Stanton Friedman worked for many years on classified programmes involving nuclear aircraft and rockets for companies like General Motors, he knows more than a little about the subject.

    8 June 2010

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