The Nordic Runes – Fehu

Just as the Tarot uses pictures to symbolise aspects of our higher selves, the Nordic Runes have been used for centuries for similar divinatory purposes. Each Rune in the Elder Futhark has its own properties and meaning which can be applied to the seeker’s life and circumstances. The Fehu Rune has much more meaning than simply representing the letter ‘F’ in an archaic alphabet.

Fehu and Luck

The Fehu Rune is strongly associated with luck. According to the old Nordic traditions, our lives are governed by luck, but we all have the ability to control it and wield it as though it were a magic spell. Fehu is an indicator of just how much luck an individual has accumulated and how they are able to use it to shape their destiny to the one they desire.

Wealth and power are key aspects of Fehu, but only as much as one man needs; Fehu is not concerned with extravagance or luxury, but that which is enough to keep a man nourished and happy. Casting Fehu in a reading suggests that the seeker will wield their luck to such a degree that they will have enough of everything they need to see them through the leanest patches.

Fehu is also concerned with self-discipline and motivation. Seekers who draw Fehu are reminded that they often need to think for themselves and that it is often better to think around a problem, rather than over it; Fehu engenders creativity in times where problems can seem insurmountable. In keeping with this, Fehu also serves to remind us to take opportunities when they are presented to us and never to look a gift-horse in the mouth.

Defining Wealth

Perhaps the most profound aspect of this Rune is that it causes us to question what wealth is. For many of us, the answer is money, but Fehu requires that we ask ourselves if it really is that important, when compared to the needs of others and those people and situations and experiences that money simply can’t buy. It also asks us that, when we are experiencing times of plenty, that we share our wealth or use it for charitable purposes.


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