The Major Arcana Tarot Cards: The Sun


Seeing the Sun turn up in a Tarot reading inevitably fills the questioner with hope. A universal symbol of light, growth and warmth and represented spiritually in almost every culture around the world, the Sun is a powerful influence in our lives. The emergence of the Sun tarot card in a reading is usually a cause for celebration, as it indicates that no matter how dark things may seem, there is light and hope.

The Sun can be considered as a 'breakthrough' card, indicating that a period of trials or tribulations is at an end. It speaks of a new dawn, bringing clarity and light to a situation or the achievement of a goal that may have seemed out of reach. This card represents completion, and that may be in any area of the questioner's life. It could indicate the birth of a child, a new job or home or the end of financial worries.

However, as with all of the messages of the Tarot, nothing is ever handed to us on a plate. The appearance of the Sun may be a good sign, but it still has to be taken as part of the whole reading. The surrounding cards will have an influence on the Sun depending on its position and whether it is inverted or upright.

The reversed Sun

Reversed, the Sun takes on a more complex guise. While it does not mean the absence of light, it can mean the absence of clarity. The reversed Sun could mean that words are taken out of context, indicators are missed or ignored and that the questioner needs to look more closely at aspects of their life that have a direct bearing on the desired outcome. 

The reversed Sun could also indicate that the questioner is not willing to accept reason or logic, preferring instead to look to the shadows for answers. For questions centered around health or finances, it may hint at a refusal to pay due attention to warning signs of an underlying problem. However, as with our own celestial body, the Sun always rises again, and, if the questioner is willing to listen to the advice given to them in the reading, that fading light can once again shine brightly. 

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