The Lunar Eclipse and You

Astologers everywhere were thrilled by last nights lunar eclipse as this marks a time of new beginnings for all signs.

Many even speculated that the eclipse helped american ice hockey team win the National Ice Hockey League Stanley Cup finals.

Zodiac arts states that each lunar eclipse has always been the indication of new beginnings, closure of past situations and a welcomer of big change.

Author of The Fundamentals of Astrology: A comprehensive guide for the beginner, Peggy Allison, has predicted how wednesdays' eclipse will change the lives of all signs.

Aries are encouraged to keep an open mind as the eclipse affects travel plans, while Taurus are warned to keep an eye on finances.

The twins of Gemini are told that the true natures of relationships will reveal themselves after the eclipse, whereas Cancer crabs should be welcoming change in work and careers.

Organisation is the buzzword for Leos, while Virgos are asked to keep an eye on their home front.

Libras are absorbing sponges gaining vital knowledge and experience after the eclipse, while Scorpios will be inspired financially.

Like many of the signs Sagittatius should expect change but be careful not to become overwhelemed and to let go of what it is not working for them.

Capricorns will feel a new sprit in thier daily life, Aquarius will feel a sharp boost of luck whereas Pieces are told to "clear the deck" and allow change to "flow in".

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