Major Arcana Tarot Cards – The Lovers

The Lovers is a card welcomed by most questioners in a reading. With its depiction of a man and a woman looked upon by an angel, it appears to signify that love is either on its way or firmly in residence. However, is this all that the card signifies or is there another meaning to be inferred?

Perfect Harmony

The Lovers represent a balance of harmony on all levels - spiritually, emotionally and physically. The cards has a very strong affinity for romance, but not for fleeting relationships. A pairing highlighted by the Lovers is one that is likely to stand the test of time and result in marriage or spiritual union.

However, many questioners have no ‘significant other’ in their lives and, in this situation the card takes on a different meaning. On a personal level, drawing the Lovers means that a person is coming to understand themselves on a deep and profound level. They are becoming clearer about their own personal values and are able to stand up for what they believe in. It shows that they are achieving an inner harmony and learning to love themselves.

Choices to be Made

However, the Lovers can also represent the need to make a choice. It may be that the questioner has reached a crossroads in their life and is unsure what to do. Drawing this card is the Tarot’s way of suggesting that they look deep within themselves to decide which the best course of action is. By remaining true to themselves, they will instinctively do what is right.

Reversed, the Lovers signify that a relationship will be coming to an end or that disharmony has entered the questioner’s live. Disharmony can drive couples apart and it can also threaten to undermine our own personal beliefs. There is also the possibility that the questioner has made a bad decision. However, the Tarot gives us all the information we need to get back on the right track. Drawing a reversed card does not mean that everything is going to be terrible. It means that we have to address issues within ourselves that are causing us to stray from the path to spiritual growth and happiness.

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