The International Year of Astronomy 2009

If you’re interested in learning more about our fascinating universe, then 2009 looks set to be an interesting time.

Next year has been named The International Year Of Astronomy by the International Astronomical Union and UNESCO. It promises to be a global celebration of astronomy and its contribution to society and culture and will play host to a wide range of local and international activities.

Experts from around the globe will be working together to find answers to some of the most fundamental questions about humankind, our place in the universe and how changes in the cosmos can affect us all.

For more information and to find out about the events and activities taking place, visit

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    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat, and I’m getting overexcited… I love Christmas more than anything. I love the fairy lights, the decorations and all the smiling faces (OK, so most of those cheery people have had a drink or two).

    9 December 2008

  • What Does Your Face Say About You?

    Face Reading is the fascinating practice of learning about someone’s personality by studying their facial features. All sorts of character traits can be revealed, from intelligence levels to emotional maturity and from ideal career choices to likes and dislikes.

    2 December 2008

  • The Power of Touch

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  • What’s in a name?

    Famous Hollywood Psychic Kenny Kingston recently revealed that those stars with ‘balanced’ names have the spirits and luck on their side. He believes that stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Sharon Stone find fame and fortune quickest because of their initials.

    2 December 2008

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    I’m stopping my credit crunch blogging after this entry (honest!) as quite frankly it’s getting out of control. But I’m still keen to put a positive spin on the horror of the current financial climate.

    2 December 2008

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