The Historical Role Of Mediums In Communities

The history of mediumship stretches back to the Ancient Greek and Egyptian societies. Without doubt, there were mystical figures in societies and communities before then, but our records simply don’t record what they did. However, as mediumship achieved pronounced interest through Europe in the 17th and 18th Centuries, it becomes easier to see just how they served their communities.

An Identity For The Community

Rulers of ancient societies made much of their mediums; they were feted beings who used their powers to advise about future events. These individuals were feted and, often, feared; their word was not to be doubted and, in many cases, they were the power behind the throne. However, mediums of this level were often jealously guarded by their employers and were kept well away from the community, lest their gifts should be used against them.

However, many communities had their own mediums and, while they were highly-regarded, they were integral to their environment. Using their gifts to divine spiritual malaise, predict events and even give advice on medicinal matters, they were often seen as the focal-point of a village or settlement. Their very presence often served as an identity for the community and their words were often sought in the event of disputes and arguments.

From Outside To The Centre

As the centuries passed, the attitude towards mediums changed. In the 17th Century, they were seen as little more than entertainment. As a result, charlatans set themselves up as mediums, in order to make money and the industry was flooded with fakes and mountebanks. True mediums were tarred with the same brush as heir fraudulent counterparts and mediums in general began to lose their status within society. Rather than being seem as a fundamental part of a community’s identity, mediums were now viewed as outsiders and people to be ridiculed.

In the 21st Century, mediums are once again commanding respect. With regulations and governing bodies to ensure authenticity and quality, they are sought out by individuals seeking spiritual advice. And, once again, they are the focal points for a new kind of community; communities in which people rarely meet, but share the same thoughts and views. The home of the medium is now online.

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