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Understanding the Warnings of the Tarot

The 78 cards in a Tarot deck are said to represent a microcosm of the universe in all its aspects. To give an accurate reading to a questioner, the cards have to reflect both the positive and negative influences at work. However, this does not mean that you can draw ‘bad’ cards. There are warnings offered up by the Tarot and, if these issues are given the attention they deserve, potential problems can be avoided.

The Tower and the Devil

Those unfamiliar with the Tarot tend to dread two cards in particular - the Tower and the Devil. However, these are not ‘bad’ cards, rather they signify important messages from the deck. The Tower is often associated with the theme of death and destruction, but it does not necessarily mean that someone is going to die. Often, drawing the Tower represents the death of an idea or a way of life. While it does tend to mean the end of something major, it also portends the beginning of something new.

The Devil card is feared, because of its associations with Satan and Hell. Once again, the meaning is not literal. Instead, the Devil often suggests that the questioner will be subject to some temptation that could do them some harm. Drawing this card may indicate the questioner will be tempted by drugs, alcohol, adultery or even the pursuit of financial gain.

Reversed Cards

Drawing a reversed card is common in a Tarot reading and questioners are often afraid of this situation. Reversed cards are not portents of doom. They are warnings that, unless the questioner addresses certain behaviours or thought patterns, they will steer themselves away from the path to true happiness. The Tarot is a guide to personal fulfillment, a self-help tool that gives us an insight into our emotional, mental and physical well being. Reversed cards suggest that the weaker and more negative aspects of a personality are becoming dominant and that action is required.

The Tarot is not a tool with which to read the future, although it could be considered a tool to read ‘the now’. Listening carefully to the messages communicated, a questioner can amend their ways to aid their personal and spiritual development.

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